Intimate Apparel: Designers

385_Marinda_Anderson_Avery_GlymphWhen Bob and I spent the afternoon at the Dorset Theatre Festival, we had the chance to interview the costume designer, Sydney Maresca and the set designer, Andrew Boyce. We found what they had to share with us enlightening. As audience, we are aware how much the set and costumes work towards creating the world we are about to enter. The magic onstage that is created by the actors is supported by the magic backstage that is created by the designers and the costume and prop people. There is so much that goes into making a production work.

We had never met these skillful and articulate designers before, but they were so open, friendly and informative that we enjoyed learning more about the process of how the designs evolve  through what they shared with us.

Interviews with Sydney Maresca and Andrew Boyce

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