Man of La Mancha

download (2)The moment you walk into the theatre, the set of Man of La Mancha brings you into the world of the play. Here we see Cervantes transformed into Don Quixote and Aldonza into Dulcinea. One of the strengths of the production currently at Barrington Stage until July 11 is that it is performed without an intermission so that the intensity of the emotion builds throughout the performance. This is the time of the Spanish Inquisition after all and that threat hovers over the prisoners with moments of humor lightening the action as Quixote envisions a different world.

Bob and I had the good fortune of interviewing Jeff McCarthy and Felicia Boswell to talk about the production.  We used to travel to Great Barrington to see Barrington Stage productions and are happy that they are now much closer in Pittsfield although we would have gone to Great Barrington to enjoy the magic of this performance.

Interview with Jeff McCarthy and Felicia Boswell“>



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