Artney Jackson

Artney Jackson 
is having its world premiere at the Nikos Theatre at the Williamstown Theatre Festival through June 22.  The play takes place in 2016 in the Break Room at The Cable Company in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is the playwright, James Anthony Tyler’s first play for The Williamstown Theatre Festival although he has had many other plays performed at other theatres. It is always exciting to see a new work and the Williamstown Theatre Festival offers many opportunities to enjoy the work of new playwrights this season.

The play is ninety minutes long without and intermission. Bob and I discuss that and other aspects of the play which you can hear about, by clicking below.

Artney Jackson Discussion 

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Coming Back Like A Song

Relax back in time at the Fitzpatrick Main Stage of the Berkshire Theatre Group. It is Christmas Eve in 1956 when three of the iconic songwriters of the time are relaxing after an ASCAP meeting. Jimmy Van Heusen and Harold Arlen are with Irving Berlin in Berlin’s apartment pondering the impact of rock and roll on their careers among other things. While doing so they share many of their songs and stories. The play runs Monday through Sunday through July 21.

Listen to what Bob and I have to say about the play.

Discussion of Coming Back Like A Song

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                      Coming Back Like A Song!, 2018. Photo by Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware


                  Coming Back Like A Song!, 2018. Photo by Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware

The Closet

The opening production of the Williamstown Theatre Festival, ruinning through July 14, is the world premier of The Closet, a comedy for our time starring Matthew Broderick. Set in a religious supply company, it tells the tale of a man who is on the brink of losing everything until a stranger enters his life and offers him a unique way out of his dilemma . This comedy     is a commentary on some of our contemporary shibboleths and shows how, with the right moves, matters can be flipped and everything swung  in a different direction. .

Bob and I talked about the play.  Click below for our discussion of the play

Discussion of The Closet

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The Closet

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 Disgraced  is playing at the Chester Theatre through July 15. This  drama raises a range of political and social issues. The playwright,  Ayad Akhtar, says  he just followed his characters around, writing down what they said in his head. He wasn’t sure that he understood the main character, but  he kept hearing him. Given the skills of the director and actors in this production, the audience may do better than the playwright. Nevertheless, there are many issues raised as the play unfolds.

Bob and I discuss some aspects of the play below.

Discussion of Disgraced

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The Cake

The Cake 
runs at Barrington Stage’s St Germain Theatre through July 15. This comedy provides a look at complicated relationships made more so by political positions. Debra Jo Rupp’s baker, Della, aspires to be on “The Great American Baking Show.”  When the daughter of an old friend asks her to bake a cake for her wedding, Della is delighted until she discovers that the female journalist she has been instructing about baking is the daughter’s intended..  Della is a devout Southerner who plays by the rules  she has known all her life. The play shows us what happens next.

Bob and I discuss our reactions to the play in the link below

The Cake Discussion

Click below to see Debra Jo Rupp’s opening monologue

Opening Monologue

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Love’s Labor’s Lost

Love’s Labor’s Lost, 
 one of Shakespeare’s early comedies,   has been performed more frequently in recent years perhaps  because it raises significant gender issues.  Shakespeare and Company is presenting it in The Dell outdoors at the Mount of the Edith Wharton estate July 10 to August 18. These outdoor performances are special as the audience of all ages sits in lawn chairs or on blankets on the grass watching the story unfold much as Shakespeare’s original audiences saw it in the daylight and open air.

Love’s Labor’s Lost is a comedy about young love and earnest scholarship and whether the twain will ever meet. The King of Navarre and his noble kinsmen want to study for three years and to do so they will abjure the company of women. The arrival of the  Princess of France and her court of young women  on a diplomatic mission sets the action of the play in motion.

Bob and I had the opportunity to interview the director, Kelly Galvin, and three of the actors early in the rehearsal period to discuss the  process of creating this production. After you listen to the interview by clicking on the link below, you will be as eager as we are to see it.

Love’s Labor’s Lost Interview

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The Mount

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Here are some rehearsal photos





The Whipping Man

 The Whipping Man by Matthew Lopez opens  July 13 and runs through July 22 at The Oldcastle Theatre Company.  There will be a preview performance  Thursday, July 12 at just $20 a ticket. This is a play that should not be missed. Bob and I have seen two different productions of it and are looking forward to this one. The play offers a fresh perspective on the Civil War as well as telling a moving tale of three people whose lives are entwined in a variety of ways.

Early in the rehearsal period, Bob and I interviewed the three actors who play these complex humans. Talking with  Justin Pietropaolo, Herb Parker, and Brandon Rubin increased our eagerness to see their performance of this unique  play.

Click below to listen to the interview

The Whipping Man Interview

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Below are some rehearsal photographs.