Harry Clarke

During the pandemic, it has been difficult to live without live theatre. We have appreciated the many ways in which theatre companies have coped with this crisis through play readings online, interviews and various other activities. We have also felt for the many creative people, both backstage and onstage, who have not been able to perform and share their talents with all of us. We were, therefore, quite delighted when Barrington Stage produced this one actor play, even for its limited run. Seating for the play is limited by the restrictions of social distancing. Although Barrington Stage had adjusted its main stage theatre to the demands of such social distancing, guidelines for performances led to the production taking place out of doors. This only diminished the audience’s size. not the quality of the performance. This is a unique experience and worth the effort to see it before it ends its short run.

Click on this link to hear our discussion of the play.https://moretheatretalk.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/harry-clarke-mp3-2.mp3

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