When Bob and I saw Kunstler, our first impulse was to tell everyone we knew to be sure to see it. We still want to urge people to do so.  Each moment of this play is compelling as Jeff McCarthy brings vivid life to Kunstler, the rumpled, outspoken Civil Rights lawyer,  and his unique place in our country’s history. Jeffery Sweet, the playwright, has given McCarthy a wonderful canvas on which to portray the man who was involved in many landmark legal cases. Erin Roche plays the ambivalent student host to Kunstler’s lecture, representing the conflict on the campus about the lawyer. Her reactions, both silent and expressed, add to the intensity of the drama. After listening to our interview with Jeff McCarthy, click on the Barrington Stage website link to order tickets. The play  runs until June 10. Be sure to bring your friends, older children and/or grandchildren to see it.

Kunstler Interview-Jeff McCarthy                     

Barrington Stage web site

4000 Miles

Shakespeare and Company’s first production of the season is 4000 Miles, a contemporary play by Amy Herzog. It will be performed at the Elayne Bernstein Theatre from May 25 to July 16. Bob and I had the opportunity and the pleasure to interview the director Nicole Riccardi, and actors Greg Boover and Annette Miller while the play was  in rehearsal. Their insights into their characters and the social context from which the people emerge is enlightening as are  their comments about the language of the play. Glimpsing what goes into transforming a play on the page to reality on stage enriches our enjoyment of the performance.

Listen to what the actors and directors have to say by clicking below.

4000 Miles Interview





You can buy tickets by phone or through the company’s website

Shakespeare and Company





Measure for Measure – Riggs Theatre 37

The Austen Riggs Theatre 37 is presenting Measure for Measure, May 22 through May 28 at 7:30 pm in their intimate theatre at 37 Main Street, Stockbridge Massachusetts. Kevin Coleman, Director of Education at Shakespeare and Company, has  been directing two plays a year at Austen Riggs for over twenty-five years. The theatre’s  May production is a Shakespeare play. Measure for Measure is a play that is not done as frequently as some of Shakespeare’s more familiar plays. Kevin talked about the production with us, providing  fresh insights into the play. You can listen to Kevin by clicking on the link below. For tickets to the play, call  (413) 298 5519 Ext 5606.

Measure for Measure-Kevin Coleman


Kevin Coleman at Austen Riggs in rehearsal


Austen Riggs Lavender Door Theatre

Shipwrecked: An Entertainment

Oldcastle Theatre Company is starting its 46th season with what sounds like a great deal  of fun for the entire family. Having interviewed two of the three cast members, John Hadden and Carla Woods,  about Shipwrecked , Bob and I are ready for the adventure. We have always enjoyed John Hadden and David Joseph in all their different performances. Listening to Carla, we know this is a cast of three outstanding actors who will take us on an imaginative journey. The play runs from May 19 to June 4. There is a buy one, get one free performance  on Thursday evening, May 25. There are also discounts for groups of twelve or more.

Shipwrecked Interview

Oldcastle website



I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Each year The Dorset Players have a spring musical. They are always a delight. As people who enjoy musicals, Bob and I look forward to these productions. This year the company is putting on the long-running Off Broadway musical, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. The performances will be two weekends starting Friday, May 19 and ending on Sunday, May 28. Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2 P.M.  We had the pleasure of talking with the director, Suzi Dorgelon, the music director, Gary Schmidt and Erika Schmidt, the choreographer.

Listen to what they have to say, then get your tickets.

Dorset Players Interview Part 1

Dorset Players Interview Part 2

Dorset Players website




Williamstown Theatre Festival 2017

Williamstown Theatre Festival has a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding summer theatre . When Bob and I interviewed Mandy Greenfield, the company’s Artistic Director, and Antonello Di Benedetto, the Director of Audience Engagement, we were impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm. Mandy Greenfield not only talked about new plays, but offered insight into what makes excellent revivals  as well.  Williamstown, however, does more than produce exciting plays. Their internships and educational programs provide the performers and audiences of the future.  Although we had been looking forward to their season, talking with Mandy and Antonello made us  more eager for the season to begin. Listen to them by clicking below and then check their website to see all of the plays and the events that are lined up for the summer.

Interview with Mandy Greenfield and Antonello Di Benedetto

           Antonello Di Benedetto
                  Mandy Greenfield


Williamstown Theatre Festival website



Moon Over Buffalo- MAUHS

The Career Development Center at Mt Anthony Union High School offers a program in Theatre Arts. Each spring they produce a play which gives students an opportunity to act in one of the many plays they learn about. This year, the play is Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig, a delightful farce   It will be playing  from Wednesday to Saturday, starting on May 10 at 7 pm. Tickets are $6 at the CDC office or at the door. After seeing the end of a rehearsal, Bob and I enjoyed interviewing three of the students in the play. We not only talked about the play and their work in it, but about what theatre means  to them. After you listen to them, you will want to see them perform in the play. Click on the links below and then get your tickets.

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 1

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 2

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 3

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 4