Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia 
runs at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, New York until July 22. This musical  is the most requested musical in the company’s history. Since the play opened in London in 1999 with its ABBA music, it has been a long-running hit everywhere. It was the eighth longest running show on the West End in London and the ninth longest running show on Broadway. It was also made into a movie with Meryl Streep. There are songs like Dancing Queen that stick with you. Besides that it does celebrate women’s independence.

Bob and I had the chance to interview three of the principal performers on opening night. Betsy Padamonsky who plays Donna Sheridan, Kelly Gabrielle Murphy who plays her daughter Sophie, and Gabe Belyeu who plays Sam Carmichael

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Mama Mia Interview

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Shakespeare and Company presents  Macbeth until August 5. Performances of this play are always exciting. Our interview with cast members Thomas Brazzle and  Deaon Griffin-Pressley indicates that this production will offer fresh insights into the play. Some plays become classics because they speak to each new generation freshly.  This is the joy if seeing different productions of such a play.

We spoke to Thomas and Deaon while they were still in rehearsal. Listen to  them  by clicking below.

Interview with Thomas Brazzle and Deaon Griffin-Pressley

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Our Town

Our Town by Thornton Wilder comes alive at the Weston Playhouse through July 7.  With Christopher Lloyd as the Stage Manager, the play is fresh and as absorbing  as it was when it was first written 80 years ago. Weston Playhouse believes in celebrating  the classics. When it does, audiences see the play as a new set of theatre artists offer their version of a play that may or may not be familiar.

Bob and I had the good fortune to talk with five actors before a performance of the play. As you listen to Raphael Peacock who plays Dr. Gibbs, Christine Toy Johnson who is Mrs Webb, Julie Benko who is Emily, Vichet Chum who is George, and Michael Hicks who is Simon Stimson, you will get an idea of what makes this play continue to be powerful.

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Our Town Discussion

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The Royal Family of Broadway

The Royal Family of Broadway by William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin is playing at Barrington Stage’s  Boyd-Quinson Mainstage until July 7. This is a musical adaptation of the play, The Royal Family by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber. The family of actors is based on the Barrymore family which spanned many generations.  John and Ethel are represented in the play by Tony and Julie Cavendish.  Lionel of the famous sibling trio is not represented although he had a distinguished career on stage and in film, most notably as Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Bob and I talk some about the Barrymores connection to the original play in our discussion which you can hear by clicking on the link below.

Royal Family of Broadway Discussion

Then click on the link below to hear Julianne Boyd’s interview with William Finn

Julianne Boyd’s Interview with William Finn

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Highlights of The Royal Family of Broadway

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                         Harriet Harris as Fanny Cavendish and Laura Michelle Kelly as Julie Cavendish
                                                         Will Swenson as Tony Cavendish


                        Hayley Podschun as Gwen Cavendish and A. J. Shively as Perry Stewart

Bar Mitzvah Boy

Chester Theatre Company’s first play of the season is Bar Mitzvah Boy. As  the first United States production of this  Canadian play, the company offers an absorbing experience, Although the focus is on a particular religion, audiences of all faiths or no-faiths will appreciate the humanity of its characters and the dilemmas they face which become evident as the action unfolds.

Bob and I were intrigued by the quality of the play and of the production. We discussed it on the way home and then again in the discussion recorded below.

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Bar MItzvah Boy Discussion

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                                 Will Lebow and Tara Franklin


Church and State

The Berkshire Theatre Group is celebrating its 90th season with diverse and interesting productions. One of these is Church and State at the Unicorn Theatre until June 30th. This  ninety minute play is followed each performance, Monday through Saturday, with a talk-back led by an individual or individuals who can make unique contributions to the discussion because of their relationship to the theme of the play.

Besides being an absorbing play, this production is a valuable community contribution. The intimate Unicorn Theatre is particularly well suited to such discussions. Bob and I were impressed by the play which discusses an important contemporary issue and the talk-back which followed.

Click below for our discussion of the play.

Church and State Discussion

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Berkshire Theatre Group

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                Pat Moran and Emily Kron

The Mac-Haydn Theatre offers its audiences the unique opportunity to see a variety  of outstanding musicals through the summer. Bob and I have the added pleasure of interviewing talented and interesting performers before the opening nights.  Talking with Emily Kron, Pat Moran and Dakota Dutcher, who have major roles in Cabaret, was enlightening.

Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb, is one of the great American musicals. The Kit Kat Klub promises its patrons escape from the problems of a Germany that is about to change. Come to this Cabaret and you will see a fresh and vibrant production of a theatre classic thanks to the work of director John Saunders, choreographer Sebastiani Romagnolo and their talented cast. The show runs through July 1.

Click below to hear our interview with the lead players

Cabaret Interview

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