America V.2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro

America V.2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro  is at the St. Germain Stage of The Barrington Stage Company through June 30. It offers a unique theatrical experience and should not be missed.  It simultaneously comments on our past, present and future in regard to race in this country. The Barrington Stage Company is in its 25th year and during that time it has offered a range of thought provoking, always engaging plays. We have seen fresh productions of traditional musicals and new interpretations of classical plays as well as new musicals and new plays, often on the St. Germain Stage. This production is in the Barrington Stage tradition of plays that challenge you while you are enjoying them, giving you much to savor and think about as you recall them.

Listen to our discussion of the play, by clicking below

Discussion of The Sad Demise and Eventual Extinction of the American Negro

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Barrington Stage

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The Waverly Gallery

Bob and I were eager to see The Waverly Gallery. We had read the enthusiastic reviews about the recent Broadway revival with Elaine May and were intrigued by the subject. More than that, however, was that the Shakespeare and Company cast consisted of actors whose performances we had enjoyed in past productions of many different plays. Seeing it, we were engrossed each moment with their performances of this story of a vital woman slipping into Alzheimer’s Disease After you listen to our discussion of the play by clicking below on

Discussion of The Waverly Gallery

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You can also view this video about the play.

Shakespeare and Company Waverly Gallery Video


Oldcastle Theatre Company presents Red an absorbing play about the painter Mark Rothko through June 23. Two outstanding actors, Peter Langstaff and Brandan McGrady, keep the audience’s attention focused on the painter and his assistant as they bring to life the conflicts within the artist and between him and the assistant. The intimacy of Oldcastle theatre brings the audience close to the drama as each scene shows the struggles that go into artistic creation. Bob and I discuss the play and the performance below.

Discussion of Red

For other opinions of the play, click on The Berkshire Theatre Critics Association

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Peter Langstaff and Brendan McGrady

















The Goat or Who is Sylvia?

The Berkshire Theatre Group in Stockbridge, Massachsetts is presenting The Goat or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee at The Unicorn Theatre until June 15. This  intriguing play received a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play when it was produced on Broadway in 2002. The play is well served by an outstanding cast in this production. After clicking below to listen to our discussion of the production, click on the link to The Berkshire Theatre Group to order tickets or call 413-977-4444. This is a theatrical experience you don’t want to miss.


Discussion of The Goat or Who is Sylvia?

The Berkshire Theatre Group

For other responses to the play, click on The Berkshire Theatre Critics Association




Remembering Danny Michaelson

 Danny Michaelson 

Danny Michaelson taught costume design and conflict resolution at Bennington College for thirty years. After he retired he also taught courses there for five years more. He was Dean of Studies from 1992 to 1994. He also was Co-director  with Susan Sgorbati of Quantum Leap, a program for truants and at-risk students in Bennington County. He had also mediated for the Vermont Department of Education, and the Bennington Small Claims Court.  He died on December 6, 2018 of an apparent heart attack.  There is a memorial service for him at the college on Sunday, April 28 at 2pm.

Since I taught at Bennington College, I have many wonderful memories of Danny. However, the ones that are most personal are when Danny, Steven Kramer from Literature, and I taught a three week course on King Lear as part of a unique freshman course all the faculty were engaged in teaching. We not only read voluminous works about Lear, but watched all available films in preparation. I still remember Danny saying as we watched Orson Welles’ Lear, “He said that line wrong.” which indeed he had.

We had such a good time, the three of us taught a seven week course on The Family Drama. As a part of the course, Danny and I took the students to the Stratford Festival in Ontario since they were performing some of the plays we taught.

Of course, when Bob and I had our radio program Theatre Talk, we had to interview Danny which we did three times. The last time we talked about theatre audiences with Danny, Jeanne Davis and Bruce Wheat. We are happy to share these programs with you.

Danny Michaelson May 30, 2011

Danny Michaelson, December 15, 2014 part 1

Danny Michaelson, December 15, 2014, Part 2

Theatre Audiences-January 2, 2017 Part 1

Theatre Audiences, January 2, 2017 Part 2

Theatre Audiences, January 2, 2017 Part 3

Theatre Audiences, January 2, 2017 Part 4

Lady Randy – WAM Theatre

Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie Jerome, like many daughters of wealthy Americans at the time  married a British nobleman. The women gained a title and the nobleman some additional funds.  The play Lady Randy, written by Anne Undeland, who also plays Jennie Jerome, is an absorbing  look at this remarkable woman. Besides reflecting a particular moment in history, the play is an outstanding theatrical experience with all aspects of the production coming together to keep the audience enthralled.

As you may gather,  Bob and I enjoyed the play. Listen to our discussion of it and then get tickets quickly since it has a short run at the Bernstein Theatre at Shakespeare and Company.  It runs Thursdays to Sundays until May 5. For tickets call 413-637-3353

Discussion of Lady Randy

To learn more about WAM theatre and its theatrical mission, check out their website by clicking below on

WAM Theatre

The play was developed at the Berkshire Playwrights Lab with Anne Undeland working with Jim Frangione who directs the play. Click on the link above    to learn more about their work.



Jim Rangione directing Lady Randy


Anne Undeland as Lady Randy



Mark Zeisler
Mark Zeisler and Anne Undeland

Shakespeare and Company’s 2019 Season

There is nothing that brightens our winter days more than the announcement of the new seasons of theatre to come. Shakespeare and Company has announced the plays it will be presenting in the coming months. Bob and I talk about the season and about the various ticket options available. Bob and I have been enjoying Shakespeare and Company productions for many years. There is a combination of the work of William Shakespeare and contemporary plays. Each time we see a new production of a familiar Shakespeare play we are delighted with the fresh insight and enjoyment it offers.  The plays by modern playwrights are also a pleasure. The quality of the performances are outstanding in all of the productions. Click below to listen to what we have to say.

Discussion of Shakespeare and Company Season

Then click on the link to this video with Allyn Burrows, the Artistic Director

Allyn Burrows video

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