Oldcastle Theatre 2011

Night Stars, Shawn J. Davis and Carleton Carpenter

This was the first of many interviews Theatre Talk did with Eric Peterson and other members of  Oldcastle productions. This was the fifth interview of the first year of our radio program. This was also Oldcastle’s 40th anniversary as a theatre company in Bennington, Vermont. Eric spoke about some of the theatre’s history.  The interview took place on March 7, 2011, several months before the company received notice from the Bennington Center for the Arts that this would be the company’s last season at the Center. The Oldcastle Board of Directors saw this as a challenge for a new beginning which led to the company’s current theatre in downtown Bennington.

Oldcastle Theatre, March  2011


                                The Last Days of Micky and Jean,                                                                              Duncan  M. Rogers, Oliver Wadsworth and Bev Sheehan



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