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As some theatres postpone their summer seasons because of the pandemic, we feel it necessary to  remind people how  important and unique the theatrical experience is. Some theatres are finding ways to keep in touch with theatre goers by  posting archived productions or doing virtual readings or offering collages from  past productions. It is important for people to make contributions to theatres when and where they can. We are going to post some radio interviews we did before we started our blog.  We want to remind people of the splendid history of theatre as well as informing them about what theatres in our area and elsewhere are doing during this difficult time. Our goal is to post at least once a week. In that spirit I interviewed Bob about his years as Stage Manager at Actors Studio.

Bob Sugarman and Actors Studio

One thought on “Actors Studio

  1. Thank u Bob for doing that and keeping theater and the importance of it on our lives your program is an excellent avenue for that . I don’t know what the equity elusive r for taking live performances fro stage to steaming an of course the idea of live theater is a community gathering to tell it’s story. But programs like yours can give us a chance to actors,producers directors to discover together apart steps forward . Keep me involved and love to sally

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