This plays at Barrington Stage’s St. Germain Theatre until August  27.  This should not be missed. The audience drops in on a group of old friends who like to play games. That is what they are doing when the play opens. In some ways this is a metaphor for their relationships throughout the rest of the play. An outsider enters the picture and provides some perspective. What looks like an episode of  Friends morphs into something quite different.

Bob and I had the pleasure of interviewing the entire cast. Their discussion of their work and the actor’s life is worth sharing. To hear it, click on the links below

This Part 1

This Part 2

For tickets and information about the rest of Barrington Stage’s season, click on their website below

Barrington Stage

Erika Dorfler, Paris Remillard, Eddie Boroevich and Mark Dold


Mark Dold and Julia Coffey


Taking Steps

Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn plays at the Boyd-Quinson Mainstage at Barrington Stage in Pittsfield until August 5. As Julie Boyd, Artistic Director of Barrington Stage, noted when she introduced the play, “Sometimes it is just good to laugh.”

In the play an assortment of characters find themselves in an old house the owner is eager to sell. This house has three floors. all of which are represented on a flat stage while the actors go up and down the stairs in front of us. Not those stairs suspended above the stage, but those the characters and the audience create together. As happens in Ayckbourn’s plays, life is not  smooth as misunderstandings are complicated by the knowledge that the house is supposedly haunted by a ghost from the days when the house had been a brothel.

Listen to our brief discussion of the play, by clicking below.

Discussion of Taking Steps

Then click on Barrington Stage’s website to order tickets for an afternoon or evening of laughter.

Barrington Stage Website

Then listen to the playwright by clicking on the photo below.



When Bob and I saw Kunstler, our first impulse was to tell everyone we knew to be sure to see it. We still want to urge people to do so.  Each moment of this play is compelling as Jeff McCarthy brings vivid life to Kunstler, the rumpled, outspoken Civil Rights lawyer,  and his unique place in our country’s history. Jeffery Sweet, the playwright, has given McCarthy a wonderful canvas on which to portray the man who was involved in many landmark legal cases. Erin Roche plays the ambivalent student host to Kunstler’s lecture, representing the conflict on the campus about the lawyer. Her reactions, both silent and expressed, add to the intensity of the drama. After listening to our interview with Jeff McCarthy, click on the Barrington Stage website link to order tickets. The play  runs until June 10. Be sure to bring your friends, older children and/or grandchildren to see it.

Kunstler Interview-Jeff McCarthy                     

Barrington Stage web site

10 x 10 New Play Festival -Barrington Stage



As theatre goers look forward to the summer season, it is nice to know that there is theatre to enjoy even in the last days of February and the first days of March. Barrington Stage in Pittsfield, MA offers an entertaining assortment of plays, each of them ten minutes long. Having enjoyed seeing the plays we talked with Julianne Boyd, the Artistic Director of Barrington Stage about the plays as well as about the new season. There is still time to see six talented actors create ten different and engaging stories from March 2 to March 5. Go to the Barrington Stage web site to order tickets or call their box office at 413-236-8888.
Barrington Stage

Click below to hear about the plays and the upcoming season.

Interview with Julianne Boyd











Barrington Stage 2017 Season

p1240545As January ends and winter is slowly disappearing, theatre    goers look forward to announcements from theatres about their upcoming season.  At a press conference Julianne Boyd discussed the Barrington Stage season and the process of selecting the plays. Bob and I recorded her talk which you can hear by clicking on the link below.

Barrington Stage 2017 Season

Now is also the time when people should consider buying season tickets. These tickets are good for audiences and for theatres. The audience gets reduced  price tickets and good seats and theatres get some advance capital to mount the productions.


Camping with Henry and Tom

2016_featureposter4Reading a review of Camping with Henry and Tom when it was first produced, I was intrigued by the play. Then Bob got a copy of the play  and we both fell in love with it. Since we knew some of the original cast members and could imagine their voices, we kept hoping that we would see a production some day. Then Julie Boyd at Barrington Stage made our dream come true by having Christopher Innvar direct four actors who were perfectly cast. P.J. Benjamin as Thomas Edison, Patrick Husted as Henry Ford, Kevin O’Rourke as Warren G. Harding and Fisher Neal as Colonel Starling.

We interviewed three of the four cast members while the play was in previews. Talking to them we were even more eager to see the play. When we finally did, it exceeded everything we imagined. We will never think of any but these three amazing actors as these characters. They recreated the world of the play. We urge people to see it by October 23. You will go to another time that will help you understand some of our current political climate. There is a fifth character in the play, an offstage deer who becomes very real as the  men react to the animal who is the reason they are in the situation they are in.

After you click on the link below to listen to the interview,  click on the following link to go to the Barrington Stage website.

Interview for Camping with Henry and Tom

Barrington Stage

Camping With Henry and Tom

P. J. Benjamin as Thomas Edison, John Husted as Henry Ford and Kevin O’Rourke as Warren G. Harding





A Playgoer’s Weekend

pbn3-audience0019This weekend is a playgoer’s delight and/or dilemma. There are four plays opening, one that has just opened and a one evening play reading. As some  theatres are ending their seasons, others are starting  their seasons. We are fortunate to have almost year round theatre in our area. Concluding successful seasons, Barrington Stage is presenting Camping With Henry and Tom and Oldcastle offers The Ride Down Mount Morgan. The Berkshire Theatre Group just opened The Bakelite Masterpiece. The Dorset Players are starting their season with Blithe Spirit and Hubbard Hall is kicking off with Peter and the Starcatcher. 

Fortunately, except for the Dorset Players production of Blithe Spirit which runs only this weekend and next, the other productions are running until October 23. However, you should check their websites for dates and times.

The play reading of Hamlet with Finn Wittrock as Hamlet at Shakespeare and Company is only Saturday, October 8 at 7 pm.

We have already posted a blog of our interviews with actors from The Ride Down Mount Morgan. We have also interviewed actors from Blithe Spirit and Peter and the Starcatcher. These programs  will play at our new time this Sunday noon to one on WBTN. We will post blogs about them after they have aired on WBTN. We will be posting our interview on the reading of Hamlet shortly.

To go the the theatres’ websites, click on the highlighted links. Meanwhile, enjoy the videos that are available.

Oldcastle Theatre Company

 The Dorset Players

Hubbard Hall



Barrington Stage



The Berkshire Theatre Group



Shakespeare and Company