Theatre and COVID-19

As we social distance ourselves, Bob and I have been thinking about the impact of the Coronavirus on the upcoming theatre season. First, there were the announcements of the wonderful seasons the various theatres were planning. Then came the e-mails about waiting to see what would happen; then the closing of the Broadway theatres and regional theatres that had early shows. We thought of the actors who cannot wait tables or entertain on cruise ships as alternatives. Is there money in the survival bill for theatre and the other arts so necessary to our lives?

Live theatre has a quality that cannot be duplicated. I thought of posting early interviews we did before we started this blog. The idea was to keep us all aware of how unique live theatre is. As we read books and watch videos, we have to remember that special magic of live theatre.

Then the theatres surprised us. Hubbard Hall began posting videos of past performances,  Oldcastle Theatre Company has a contest for people to win a gift certificate by identifying plays on their Facebook page. A theatre friend sent this video out

and then today, Julie Boyd from Barrington Stage sent out their first attempt at zooming

Theatre will go on as it always has.

Besides keeping you informed about what is happening and sharing interesting links, we will also explore different aspects of theatre that are not directly related to the 2020 season.

One thought on “Theatre and COVID-19

  1. Thank u both for this Difficult times” The Invalid “ain’t dead yet .Just a dark time .Hoping both of u r taking care of yourselves that is #1priority now Virtual Hugs Annette

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