Jackie and Tony Marro: Theatre Goers

jackie-and-tony-marroTalking with other people who enjoy theatre is always a pleasure. We were particularly delighted to talk at length with the Marros who see a lot of theatre, both here in Bennington and in Providence, Rhode Island where they also dwell. They also take theatre tours to London. These are sometimes supplemented by tours to Dublin, New York and Chicago. Their enthusiasm for theatre is contagious. Although they are retired, they are also busy when they are not going to theatre. Jackie runs the Dollhouse and Toy Museum and Tony is President of the Oldcastle Theatre Board. They also like to garden.

To enjoy their insights into theatre, click on the links below.

Jackie and Tony Marro Part 1

Jackie and Tony Marro Part 2

Jackie and Tony Marro Part 3

Jackie and Tony Marro Part 4


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Trinity Theatre

Audience 2017

audience-1All performances require audiences, but for live theatre, audiences are essential since they complete the performance in a way no other audiences do. Periodically, Bob and I like to talk to audience members about their experiences with theatre. This year we had the pleasure of talking with Danny Michaelson, recently retired from the Drama faculty of Bennington College, Jeanne Davis, an early childhood educator and my co-host on Kids Are ReadingĀ and Bruce Wheat, recently retired from Information Technology at Williams College.

Click on the links below to listen to the discussion. If you want to add comments about your experiences as audience, please do so.

Audience Part I

Audience Part II

Audience Part III

Audience Part !V