Slow Food

The Dorset Theatre Festival presents Slow Food, a delightful comedy through August 31. This play  ends a fine season of plays at the Festival. While you are laughing at this play, you care about the characters. The three actors, Peri Gilpin, Dan Butler and Greg Stuhr are wonderful in their parts. The audience may be laughing continuously, but the couple is earnestly focused on getting  dinner while the waiter presents obstacle after obstacle in his equally earnest attempt to help them get only the very best. Since this play has a short run, click on our discussion below.

Slow Food Discussion 

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Peri Gilpin, Dan Butler and Greg Stuhrr


The Dorset Theatre Festival  presents the world premiere of Dig  through July 27.  With its absorbing themes and complex characters, this play should have many future productions. The setting, an old shop filled with plants  is not the usual one for a play. The audience enters another world as it gets to know the complicated people who find solace in the plants they tend. Written and directed by Theresa Rebeck, this play offers insight into flawed but redeemable humans whom you care about.  For Bob and myself, seeing new plays is exciting as we enter lives we have known little or nothing of before. However much we enjoy a play, it is always a learning experience as people are brought to life through the skill of the actors and director. We have seen many plays by Theresa Rebeck and are always impressed by the diversity of her work as she explores the  stories of different people in various worlds. Try not to miss this play.

Discussion of Dig

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Private Lives

The Dorset Theatre Festival presents Noel Coward’s iconic Private Lives through July 6. Don’t miss it. Noel Coward is one of our favorite playwrights, having seen many productions of his plays and we were delighted with this production. Every aspect of it works. Listen to what we have to say about this production by clicking below

Discussion of Private Lives

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by Noël Coward, Directed by Evan Yionoulis, Scenic Design, Lee Savage, Costume Design, Katherine Ross, Lighting Design, Donald Holder, Sound Design, Jane Shaw


Rachel Pickup and Shawn Fagan

                                       Anna Cravelli , Shawn Fagan, Hudson Oz, Rachel Pickup

Pride and Prejudice

The Dorset Theatre Festival is presenting Pride and Prejudice from August 9-25. This version  by Kate Hamill adapts the Jane Austen book into what some have called a post-modern play. Talking with Jessica Frey (Lizzie) and Dave Quay (Mr. Darcy) made us eager to see this interpretation.  It sounds as if it will be a delightful evening in the theatre, particularly with these actors,

Click below to listen to them

Pride and Prejudice Interview

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Dorset Theatre Festival

You might also be interested in the actors’ websites. Click on their names below.

Jessica Frey



Dave Quay





Here is a picture of the cast and some rehearsal pictures.












Cry It Out

The Dorset Theatre Festival opens its season with Cry It Out running from June 21 to July 14.This comedy examines how lives are changed by becoming parents. Bob and I learned more about the play when we interviewed Cat Adragna, an artistic apprentice at the Dorset Theatre Festival who is working as a Dramaturge, researching the background of  the plays. She also interviewed the playwright.

Will Rucker, Producing Director, not only discussed the play, but  the other activities the theatre offers during the season, including play readings. Taking time from rehearsal, actors Clea Alsip and Andrea Suglowski also talked with us about their roles. Listening to the four of them made us eager to see the production.

If you click below to hear our interview, you too will want to see the play.

Cry It Out Interview

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Dorset Theatre Festival website

Some rehearsal pictures.









Clea Alsip, Greg Keller, Andrea Syglowski, Janie Brookshire and director, Mark Masterson

Dorset Theatre Festival 2018

Visitors to Vermont and the Berkshires are fortunate in the variety of theatres available to them. Each theatre has its unique character and vision. This was emphasized for us when we visited with the Dorset Theatre Festival’s producing team at their winter quarters in Dorset, Vermont. Sitting around the table  listening to each member of the team was exhilarating, not only because we heard about the exciting  productions to come, but we were able  to appreciate  the team’s enthusiasm for the mission of their theatre. The Dorset Theatre Festival is committed to nurturing   new theatrical works,  community building, developing new audiences, and working in collaboration with other theatres.

Click below to listen to Dina Janis, Artistic Director; Will Rucker, Producing Directo;, Marissa Hutton , Executive Director; and Ryan Koss, Marketing and External Communications Director.

Dorset Theatre Festival Interview

          Dina Janis
         Will Rucker
Marissa Hutton





          Ryan Koss







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Dorset Theatre Festival

American Buffalo

American Buffalo plays at the Dorset Theatre Festival until September 2. This production stars Treat Williams who has appeared in many films and television programs as well as on stage. The play by David Mamet had its Broadway production in 1977 and was made into a film starring Dustin Hoffman. Besides writing plays and books. Mamet has also written for film and television, producing some of his own films. He has lived in Vermont for many years. His plays primarily focus on urban life and are known for their distinct language.

David Mamet

Bob and I had an opportunity to talk with Matt Kirby who is a  Dramaturg  at the Dorset Theatre Festival and Assistant Stage Manager Abby Schneck about this production.

Click below to hear the interview

American Buffalo Interview Part 1

American Buffalo Interview Part 2

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Click on picture below to hear director John Gould talk about American Buffalo


The Legend of Georgia McBride

The Legend of Georgia McBride runs until August 19 at the Dorset Theatre Festival.  There are matinees on Wednesdays,  Saturdays and  Sundays. The play runs for ninety minutes without intermission and gives the audience a glimpse into a world that most people don’t know too much about. This is the world of the drag queen. There have been some plays and television shows that offer a glimpse into this world. However, this play provides a unique perspective.

Bob and I were eager to see the play since we  greatly admired The Whipping Man by Lopez which also had a production at the Dorset Theatre Festival a few seasons ago. We talked with Sam Levitt, one of the company’s dramaturgs about The Legend of Georgia McBride. You can hear that talk by clicking  on the link below.

The Legend of Georgia McBride Interview

However, that did not prepare us for the experience of seeing the play. We were struck by the set as we settled in our seats. When the play began, we were absorbed in the lives unfolding before us. Lopez is a playwright who enables an audience to experience the humanity of people they do not know, but get to know and understand  in new ways.

Curious to know more about the playwright, I went to his website. There are scenes from productions of his other plays that makes me hope that the Dorset Theatre Festival will bring more of his work to their stage.

After you order your tickets for The Legend of Georgia McBride,  by clicking on their website below, visit Matthew Lopez’s web page.

Dorset Theatre Festival Website


Matthew Lopez website

Matthew Lopez

Matthew Lopez 


Baskerville will be playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival until July 29. Based on the novella by Arthur Conan Doyle, this is a play to delight Sherlockians and non-Sherlockians alike. Most people have seen a version of this story in film or on television.  However, this is a unique interpretation that will keep you laughing as you enjoy the remarkable actors who transform before your eyes with a switch of hats or accent. Five actors play forty roles and there is a woman playing Holmes.

We interviewed the three  actors who play a multiple of roles. Caitlin Clouthier, Raji Ahsan and Brian Owen. Listening to them talk about what is involved in doing these quick changes is enlightening. Seeing them doing it is wonderful.


Raji Ashan (Actor 2), Brian Owen (Actor 1), Liz Wisan,(Holmes) Caitlin Clouthier (Actress 1) Dave Quay (Watson)


Listen to the interview by clicking on the link below. Then click on the link to the Dorset Theatre Festival website and order your tickets.

Interview with Baskerville actors

Dorset Theatre Festival Website


Artistic Associate Apprentices – Downstairs

The Dorset Theatre Festival is presenting Downstairs by Teresa Rebeck starring Tyne and Tim Daly from June 22 to July 8.  This is the first time the sister and brother have acted together. According to Sam Levit and Matt Kirby, Artistic Associate Apprentices at the Dorset Theatre Festival, Teresa Rebeck wrote Downstairs for the Dalys. We interviewed the two Artistic Associate Apprentices  to discover what it was that  they did and learned  they were dramaturgs.

What is a dramaturg you may wonder. One definition is  “a literary editor on the staff of a theater who consults with authors and edits texts.” Sam and Matt expanded on this and shared the varied aspects of their work. As you listen to them, you will  appreciate how much goes into creating the plays we enjoy as audiences.

Interview with Sam Levit and Matt Kirby Part 1

Interview with Sam Levit and Matt Kirby Part 2

Matt Kirby
Sam Levit






                             John Procaccino,  Tyne Daly and Tim Daly