Shining City

Ian and John, Mark Dold and Wilbur Edwin Henry

Shining City which runs at Barrington Stage until July 11 engages the audience at once as a man comes into an apparently new office checking to be sure all is in order. Through the window we see a city, which the program has told us is Dublin. We know the man’s first name, Ian, as we will know the first names of the other three characters. We will get to know them intimately, although there is much we will not know.  However, we will be totally absorbed in the lives that unfold before us. The play and the acting convey all the complexity of these lives. Besides having a riveting experience in the theatre, the play leaves the audience with a great deal to talk and think about on the way home.

Bob and I were fortunate to talk with three of the actors after the play had opened. As usual we were struck by how thoughtful and articulate actors are about the characters they bring to life before us on the stage.

Mark Dold, Deanna Gibson and Patrick Ball

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