Dorset Theatre Festival 2017 Season

One sign of spring is the announcement of the coming theatre season that promises a plethora of wonderful plays to see and hear. Looking at the various offerings from area theatres  it is possible to make plans for visiting family and friends during the summer months. There are  plays for all tastes. This year’s season at the Dorset Theatre Festival is the company’s 40th  so there is much to celebrate.

Being Sherlockians, Bob and I are, of course, looking forward to Baskerville. However, seeing brother and sister Tim and Tyne Daly playing together for the first time in a new Theresa Rebeck play is another treat. We also look forward to another play by Matthew Lopez whose The Whipping Man was one of our favorites in a past season. Then, of course, there is American Buffalo by David Mamet in his unique voice. Each of the plays is enticing.  Hear more about them by listening to our interview with Natalie Redmond, Dorset’s Marketing and External Communications Manager, who shared the season with us.

Dorset Theatre Festival Part 1

Dorset Theatre Festival Part 2

You can also go to the company’s website by clicking below.

Dorset Theatre Festival website

Here are some of the artists who will be performing.

Treat Williams in American Buffalo


Tim and Tyne Daly in Downstairs


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