The Living Room Theatre

The Living Room Theatre is a, professional  theatre company located in North Bennington, Vermont at the Park McCullough House. Bob and I have  attended their productions since the theatre opened eight years ago. Co-founded by Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough, the company has provided unique and exciting productions including Chekhov, Ionesco and Annie Baker among others. When we went to interview the company at Randolyn and Allen’s house, we remembered seeing their first production The Sea Gull on the lawns and in the living room of that house. Since then most of the productions have been in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House.This year the production is an original comedy written by Randolyn Zinn. Click below for our interview

Lucy’s Wedding Interview

Since the production is only running two weeks, Wednesday through Sunday, July 17-July 28, call 802-442-5322  or click  Living Room Theatre  for tickets.


Here is a link to the Bennington Banner article about the production.  Bennington Banner

Reviews from The Berkshire Theatre Critics Association


Sara Canter, Michael Broadhurst, KirkJackson, Will Gallacher. Colleen O’Connor, Karen Trott, Julia Valen
and playwright/director Randolyn Zinn



One thought on “The Living Room Theatre

  1. Such perfect timing! I have just heard your interview and will be seeing the play this very evening, July 18th. All that was said has made me even more eager to join the experience and given me insights into what I will be seeing. Thank you both, Bob and Sally. for what you do to make great theater even better dor all of us.
    Your constant admirer.


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