The Living Room Theatre

The Living Room Theatre is a, professional  theatre company located in North Bennington, Vermont at the Park McCullough House. Bob and I have  attended their productions since the theatre opened eight years ago. Co-founded by Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough, the company has provided unique and exciting productions including Chekhov, Ionesco and Annie Baker among others. When we went to interview the company at Randolyn and Allen’s house, we remembered seeing their first production The Sea Gull on the lawns and in the living room of that house. Since then most of the productions have been in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House.This year the production is an original comedy written by Randolyn Zinn. Click below for our interview

Lucy’s Wedding Interview

Since the production is only running two weeks, Wednesday through Sunday, July 17-July 28, call 802-442-5322  or click  Living Room Theatre  for tickets.


Here is a link to the Bennington Banner article about the production.  Bennington Banner

Reviews from The Berkshire Theatre Critics Association


Sara Canter, Michael Broadhurst, KirkJackson, Will Gallacher. Colleen O’Connor, Karen Trott, Julia Valen
and playwright/director Randolyn Zinn



Three Sisters

The Living Room Theatre is presenting Lucy Caldwell’s adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters in The Carriage Barn at the Park McCullough House in North Bennington, VT  to August 18, Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Matinees Sunday at 2 pm August 5 and 11. The play is set in Belfast in the 1990s at the end of the “troubles”.

In its seventh season, Living Room Theatre is an unique company. It presents one or two plays in the summer. The cast works and lives together with the producers and co-founders Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough. Their first production of The Seagull actually took place in the couple’s garden and living room. Since then, they have done a variety of classic and new plays. This play is a combination – a new version of a classic play.

Bob and I had the pleasure of interviewing the cast in the Barn where the play is performed the day after we had enjoyed the performance.

Click below to listen to it

Interview with Living Room Theatre

Then go to their website and order tickets.

 Living Room Theatre Website

Circle Mirror Transformation

The Living Room Theatre  presents Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House through August 19. This play is set in  an acting class in the fictional town of Shirley, Vermont. Jacqueline Jacobus, who plays the teacher in the play, teaches acing technique at the Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City.. She is making her Living Room Theatre debut as is Oona Roche who was a student in director Chris McCann’s class at SUNY/Purchase. Ken Forman, also in the play, holds the record for doing the most Living Room Theatre plays. Allen McCullough, co-founder of the Company along with his wife, Randolyn Zinn, is also in the play. Lizzie King-Hall was in the Strindberg-Shaw program last season. All are skilled actors.Whether one has taken an acting class or not, the audience will be engaged by the lives that unfold as the characters go through their  acting exercises.

Annie Baker

Annie Baker, who wrote the play, won the Pulitzer Prize in 2014 for her play Flick. Circle Mirror Transformation is one of three plays set in the Shirley. Annie Baker also wrote a version of Chekov’s Uncle Vanya set in Vermont.

Bob and talked about the play before we had seen it. You can hear our discussion by clicking on the  link  Circle Mirror Transformation

We recommend that you click on the Theatre’s website to reserve seats or phone 802 442-5322.  Seating is limited. The play is pay-what-you-will. The play, the acting, the setting offer a unique theatrical experience that should not be missed.

Living Room Theatre Website

Jacqueline Jacobus and Oona Roche
Chris McCann (director) with actors Allen McCullough and Lizzie King-Hall
Oona Roche and Ken Forman

The Living Room Theatre – Adam and Evie


The Living Room Theatre starts its sixth season with Adam and Evie by Charles Mee in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House in North Bennington through July 14. Seating is limited so call 802-442-5322 for pay what you will tickets to see theatrical magic.

Bob and I have been attending Living Room Theatre productions since they started literally in the living room of co-founders Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough. The productions are innovative and exciting whether of classics like Chekov or new plays like Adam and Evie. The New York cast lives with Allen and Randolyn for rehearsals and the run of the plays. This is particularly challenging when it is a cast of fourteen for a unique play such as Adam and Evie. We were delighted to talk with Allen and four of the cast members, Maddie Coyle, Matt Dallal, Rena Gavigan and  Jay Reum about the experience and the play. We were even more delighted when we saw the production. There is a fluidity within the play that enchants because the actors make the  transformations believable.

Be sure to listen to the interviews by clicking on the links below.

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 1

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 2

The Living Room Theatre Website

Living Room Theatre’s One Act Plays

Living Room TheatreScan0001This year, The Living Room Theatre of North Bennington is offering a second production. From August 3 through August 13, they will  perform two one-act plays by famous early 20th century playwrights. Playing With Fire by August Strindberg, and  Overruled by George Bernard Shaw are comedies dealing with love and marriage.  We were fortunate to have three of the five actors who will be performing these plays talk with us about the plays and their work as actors. Ken Fordham who is in both plays has performed in all of the Living Room Theatre productions while Hanley Smith  and William Connell are new to the experience. The plays are co-directed by husband and wife Allen McCullough and Randolyn Zinn, who are also the founders of The Living Room Theatre.

As an added bonus, Hanley and William read a scene from the Shaw play. As we listened, we knew we had to see the plays. The performances are at the Park McCullough grounds and Carriage Barn, Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 pm.  Call for reservations. 802-442-5322

Living Room Theatre Interview Part 1

Living Room Theatre Interview Part 2


William Connell, Tom Coiner, Ken Fordham Hanley Smith, Lizzie King Hall
                        William Connell, Tom Coiner, Ken Fordham
                                        Hanley Smith, Lizzie King Hall

Men of Tortuga

13095924_963499650436137_2177261939015492495_nThe Living Room Theatre of North Bennington is opening its fifth season on June 8 with Men of Tortuga by Jason Wells, a contemporary play. In the past, the company has done classics by Anton Chekov and last year an Absurdist classic, Ionesco’s Exit the King. Founded by Allen McCullough and Randolyn Zinn this is a resident company where the actors actually reside with the founders in their home on the grounds of the Park McCullough house, a well-known destination point. Each year Bob and I look forward to the intimate productions which take place in a variety of places. Depending on the play the acts may move from outdoors to inside the Park McCullough House Barn or be in different locations within the Barn.

Bob and I were delighted to learn that this year the company will present two different productions. Men of Tortuga is running from June 8 to June 18, Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm. All Wednesdays are pay what you will. The next production opens  August 3rd. We look forward to interviewing members of the company before that show opens. This time we were fortunate to talk with Allen McCullough and Ken Forman.

Allen McCullough and Ken Forman Part 1

Allen McCullough and Ken Forman Part 2

Park McCullough Barn
Set by Angus McCullough for Men of Tortuga


Rehearsal picture for Men of Tortuga


Living Room Theatre

download (4)The Living Room Theatre in North Bennington offers exciting theatrical experiences. This is its fourth year. Created by Randolyn Zinn and Alan McCullough, it is special, providing outstanding plays in an intimate space. Each year is different as the cast and director respond to the particular needs of the classic play that is presented. Sometimes the play will start outside if that is where it is set and then move into The Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House. Last year we went from outside the Carriage Barn and then when the act changed, we moved inside and during the different acts of the play we moved to three different spaces in the Barn.

Although we interviewed the producer and the cast on our program, we don’t know what it will be like this year as surprise is part of the fun. For the past three years the company has presented Chekhov plays, but this year they are presenting Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco. The performances start on July 30, July 31, August 1, 5, 6 and 8 at 7:30 pm and August 1, 2 and 8 at 2 pm. Seating is limited, as are the number of performances,  so call 802-442-5322 for tickets. Meanwhile, listen to our interview with Rocky Friedman-Vargas, Celia Schaefer, Colleen O’ Connor and Christopher McCann.

Ceila Schaefer, Christopher McCann and Colleen O’Connor

Interview with Exit The King Producer and Cast Part 1

Interview with Exit the King Producer and Cast Part 2