Cry It Out

The Dorset Theatre Festival opens its season with Cry It Out running from June 21 to July 14.This comedy examines how lives are changed by becoming parents. Bob and I learned more about the play when we interviewed Cat Adragna, an artistic apprentice at the Dorset Theatre Festival who is working as a Dramaturge, researching the background of  the plays. She also interviewed the playwright.

Will Rucker, Producing Director, not only discussed the play, but  the other activities the theatre offers during the season, including play readings. Taking time from rehearsal, actors Clea Alsip and Andrea Suglowski also talked with us about their roles. Listening to the four of them made us eager to see the production.

If you click below to hear our interview, you too will want to see the play.

Cry It Out Interview

Then click on the theatre’s website to order tickets or call 802-867-2223 Ext 101

Dorset Theatre Festival website

Some rehearsal pictures.









Clea Alsip, Greg Keller, Andrea Syglowski, Janie Brookshire and director, Mark Masterson

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