Dorset Theatre Festival 2018

Visitors to Vermont and the Berkshires are fortunate in the variety of theatres available to them. Each theatre has its unique character and vision. This was emphasized for us when we visited with the Dorset Theatre Festival’s producing team at their winter quarters in Dorset, Vermont. Sitting around the table  listening to each member of the team was exhilarating, not only because we heard about the exciting  productions to come, but we were able  to appreciate  the team’s enthusiasm for the mission of their theatre. The Dorset Theatre Festival is committed to nurturing   new theatrical works,  community building, developing new audiences, and working in collaboration with other theatres.

Click below to listen to Dina Janis, Artistic Director; Will Rucker, Producing Directo;, Marissa Hutton , Executive Director; and Ryan Koss, Marketing and External Communications Director.

Dorset Theatre Festival Interview

          Dina Janis
         Will Rucker
Marissa Hutton





          Ryan Koss







Then go to their web site for more information and to order tickets.

Dorset Theatre Festival

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