The Audience Perspective

As another year ends and we look forward to the new year, we realize that we have been discussing theatre for seven years on radio. We still have some programs from 2017 which we will post. In January we will begin the fourth year of our blog. There are programs from our early pre-blog radio days that are worth posting even though the particular productions are history. We look forward to posting some of them on the blog.

In that spirit, we are posting our first discussion about audience which was also the program when we went from a one half hour program to an hour program. Since we are no longer on radio, our blog interviews now vary in time , depending on a range of factors.  This blog when we first interviewed audience members was January 5, 2015. Click below to listen.

Theatre Audiences  Part 1

Theatre Audiences Part 2

Theatre Audiences Part 3

Theatre Audiences Part 4

M. Lee Alexander shared with us her experience becoming  an audience member in the article below. Dr.  Alexander teaches literature, composition, creative writing, and ESL at William and Mary College. Her research interests include popular culture, detective fiction, Inklings authors, burletta theatre, and mathematics as a theme in literature. Her poetry chapbooks Observatory (2007) and Folly Bridge (2011) were published by Finishing Line Press, and her full-length poetry book Spinning the Compass is due to come out with Aquillrelle Press this spring. Her hobbies include doing cryptic crosswords and going to the theatre. She resides in Williamsburg, VA with a house full of pets.

Click below to read her essay.

My Life in the Audience



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