Barrington Stage 2018 Season

Cold winter days are made brighter by hearing announcements of  what  regional theatres will be producing during the summer. Besides enjoying deciding what to see, there is the opportunity to save money by buying tickets early as theatres offer various package deals. Check out Barrington Stage’s website as there is always a great deal going on as well as the plays.

Bob and I had the opportunity to hear Julianne Boyd, Artistic Director, talk about the upcoming season. The advantage of listening to her is that besides finding out what is being presented,  she offers information about what goes into developing a season.

Click below for the announcement

Julianne Boyd on Season 2018

Later she also talked about the 10 x 10 production which runs from February 15 to March 4 at the St Germain Theatre. These are ten delightful ten minute plays with the same actors performing in the different plays.

After you go to the website below, you might want to sign up for their E-newsletter for additional information throughout the season.

Barrington Stage Web Site

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