Hubbard Hall: The Velocity of Autumn

Hubbard Hall’s upcoming production is The Velocity of Autumn which previews  February 23 and opens on Saturday, February 24.  The play is performed on three weekends. People should call for tickets quickly (518-677-2495) as it is performed in their smaller Freight Depot Theatre which has limited seating. Given the play that seems the right theatre for it since it is an  intimate play.

Bob and I were fortunate to hear director David Snider and the cast, Christine Decker and Oliver Wadsworth talk about the play at  Battenkill Books in Cambridge, just down the street from the main Hubbard Hall Theatre. We recorded the cast’s enlightening discussion. At times you may not hear the questions from the audience, but the responses indicate what the questions were. The insights of the director and the cast made us eager to see the play. After you listen to them by clicking on the link below, you will share our feelings.

The Velocity of Autumn 


Hubbard Hall website


David Snider



Oliver Wadsworth
            Christine Decker


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