Producing Artistic Director- Chester Theatre Company

         Daniel Elihu Kramer

When Bob and I interviewed Daniel Elihu Kramer, we had not yet seen Skeleton Crew which runs until July 23. Having now seen it and I And You  performed  at the Chester Theatre and having talked with Daniel, we know that our initial interest in what this  theatre offers was more than justified. We urge those who have not yet discovered Chester Theatre Company to do so. It lives up to its slogan  Big Stories, Intimate Setting.

Those of us who live in the area of  Southern Vermont and The Berkshires are fortunate in having a selection of outstanding theatres to attend at prices that are reasonable compared to New York City or other   metropolitan areas. Chester Theatre belongs among these theatres in ts mission and in its selection and production of plays that are thought provoking while entertaining. Listen to Daniel talk about the theatre by clicking on the link below and you will understand why you should  go to the website and order tickets for the current play and the two remaining plays in the season.

Interview with Daniel Elihu Kramer

Chester Theatre Company Website


Margarette Odette and Christian Henley
Ami Brabson and Daniel Morgan

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