Gerald Hiken

Gerald Hiken in Three Sisters circa 1959 . 

Bob met Gerald Hiken at the Fourth Street Theatre where Bob stage managed Three Sisters in which Gerry played the sisters’ brother Andre. Gerry became a friend and later so did his wife, Barbara. We always enjoyed Gerry’s performances, whether on stage, in film or on television. When he and Barbara decided to move to the West Coast, we were sorry to see them leave. Years later, when our son, Paul, was an acting student at New York University, he had the opportunity to study with Gerry. In this broadcast we had the pleasure of sharing our memories of Gerry, inspired by having seen a video Gerry had told us about in which, as an older actor, he shares his vision of the play Hamlet.

Besides the radio program which you can hear by clicking on the links below, we also have included a video of Gerry as an older actor reflecting on his life in acting and the the video of his interpretation of Hamlet.

Interview about Gerry Hiken Part I

Interview about Gerry Hiken Part II

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