Weston Playhouse – 2017

The Weston Playhouse is starting its 81st season. This is amazing, but not surprising. Offering quality theatre leads to longevity. The variety of the company’s productions from musicals to classics to dramas and comedies has delighted audiences for these many years. Bob and I not only enjoy the productions, but we always look forward to talking with Steve Stettler, Resident Artistic Director about the company’s many offerings.  The Weston Playhouse not only serves its immediate community, but the larger community of playgoers from Vermont and other regions as well. Their many programs include  the Young Company and its children’s show which children of all ages should see. This year it is Really Rosie.  As each play opens, we will have interviews with those involved. Meanwhile Steve Stettler provides an overview of the season’s many activities. There is also more information about the various educational programs, as well as the productions, on the company’s website.

Before you go to the company’s website click on the  interview below to hear Steve talk about the season.

Interview with Steve Stettler Part 1

Interview with Steve Stettler Part 2

Weston Playhouse Website

Weston 101

Center for the Arts at Walker Farm


Weston 101


On opening nights at the Weston Playhouse, the director of the play meets with members of the audience before the play begins to talk about the background of the play, its production history and other details that prepare the audience for what they are going to see and hear. Listening to these talks, I  wanted to record them because they provide such useful information and insight.

Weston 101 seems  an extension of these talks where potential audience members learn about the play and the process of its production. This is a program which Weston began last year, but which is somewhat different this year in that it is all online and is freet. Piper Goodeve, Director of Education and Artistic Associate  at Weston, shared information about it  Click below to hear about this innovative program and about Weston’s season of plays.

            Piper Goodeve

Weston 101 Part 1

Weston 101 Part 2


Click the website for more details

Weston Website






All My Sons

ams for web-2 (1)Weston Playhouse’s motto is Celebrating the Classics –  Nurturing the New. As a part of celebrating classic plays, they are presenting plays by American Masters.  Given Arthur Miller’s centennial, a play by him was a natural choice. Currently, All My Sons , which first opened on Broadway in 1947 and won the first Tony given for a play, is at the Weston Playhouse until September 4.

Bob and I have seen many productions of the play in its long history. However, this is the first time that the play moved me to tears. This proves that no matter how often you have seen a play, a new production with gifted actors can provide a unique and touching experience of the play and its characters.

Molly  Regan who plays Kate, the mother, in Weston’s production graciously agreed to talk with us between a matinee and an evening performance.  Since we were still absorbing the emotional impact of the performance we had seen at the matinee, we were doubly appreciative of the opportunity to speak with her.

Click below to listen to the interview

Interview with Molly Regan of All My Sons



Murder for Two

M42 web-2A theatre company’s second stage often presents quirky and unexpected delights. This is is what is happening at Weston’s Rod and Gun Club with Murder for Two. When Bob and I saw this two actor tour de force, each seat in the small theatre was filled with happy playgoers. If you like mystery, comedy and music, this is the show for you because it delivers all three. The two talented actors, Kyle Branzel and Ian Lowe, took time from their busy schedule to talk with us about working in the show, They had both toured with this play in which Kyle plays all twelve murder suspects and Ian is the fledgling detective who can make his mark by solving the case. How he does it is worth the trip to Weston.  The play runs until September 4. Check the Weston website for more detailed information.

Weston Playhouse

Meanwhile listen to the actors by clicking on the link below

Interview with Kyle and Ian




Round and Round The Garden

RRG for webThis year three theatres in Vermont developed a unique partnership by producing Alan Ayckbourn’s trilogy The Norman Conquests. Each theatre presented a different play, starting with Northern Stage’s production of Living Together  which is set in the living room. Then The Dorset Theatre Festival produced Table Manners set in the dining room and ending with The Weston Playhouse production of Round and Round the Garden which naturally is set in the garden. This last play is ending on July 30. Each play can be seen and enjoyed on its own, although many of the audience saw all three or at least two of them.

Each play had the same set  and lighting designers, but each  had a different director. The experience for the actors as well as for the audience was special. Bob and I had to find out what it was like. Fortunately, we were able to talk with Ashton Heyl who played Ruth and Caitlin Clouthier who played Sarah. Both actors and audience hope these theatres will continue such exciting collaboration in the future.

Interview with Alyson Heyl and Caitlin Clouthier

The Three Theatres

              Northern Stage
           Weston Playhouse
Dorset Theatre Festival




                           Ruth, Norman, Sarah, Reg, Annie and Tom                                                           





Man of La Mancha

1_smallWeston Playhouse is presenting Man of La Mancha until July 16. Bob and I went to the opening night of the production. When we left Bennington it was raining and it got worse as the lightening flashed. There was a tornado watch for Manchester and at one point we had to pull off the road because of the poor visibility and the hail pounding down. We finally got to the theatre in time to hear the pre-performance talk by director, Tim Fort. These talks before the productions are always worthwhile and informative.

When we were finally settled in our seats, the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the theatre and go to the commons across the road while the fire engines arrived. It was a false alarm caused by the lightening. We trudged back into the theatre and I began to wonder if maybe we shouldn’t come another night when the performance started and we were magically transported into a prison where Cervantes transformed the prison and prisoners into the world of Don Quixote. The storm, the false alarm, all were worth it to be in this enchanted place.

Bob and I also had the pleasure of returning to Weston to interview Geoffrey Wade who was Cervantes/Don Quixote, Marissa McGowan who was Aldonza/Dulcinea and Michael Mendez who was Sancho Panza to talk with them about the production.

Man of La Mancha Interview



download (1)














Weston Young Company 2016


Each summer the Weston Playhouse selects a Young Company by auditioning students from selected schools with musical theatre programs. Bob and I enjoy interviewing them and seeing them perform, first in the family show and then in the cabarets and in the major musical productions. We are always impressed by their talent and energy and enthusiasm.

We had the pleasure of seeing them in School House Rock in their first performance with the theatre filled with children, ranging in age, but completely engaged as the actors involved them in the action. Having enjoyed the cartoons, it was magical seeing them come to life.  The show runs from June 23 to July 10.Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are performances at 1:00 and 4:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Sundays. You don’t need to have a child  escort, but if you have children or visiting grandchildren, you will all have a great time.                                                                                                                                                                             Weston Young Company Interview


 Adjective Unpacking
Adjective Unpacking

 Interplanet Janet

Interplanet Janet


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