Presto Change-o Music Director

Barrington-PRESTO-PosterFeatureImage_RGBBarrington Stage commissioned a new musical, Presto-Change-o, about three generations of magicians.  The play runs until June 11. We were fortunate enough to interview Vadim Feichtner, the musical director of the show. Magicians capture us by creating illusions. In its own way, theatre does the same.  When we go to a show, we are so involved with the magic on stage, we often aren’t aware of the magic that goes on backstage to make it happen. This may be particularly true with musicals where songs carry us along with the story.

Vadim had worked on many shows at Barrington Stage, on Broadway and Off-Broadway. He is also a composer and is married to singer Leslie Kritzer, whose work we have also enjoyed at Barrington Stage.

         Leslie Kritzer and Vadim Feichtner

Musical Director Vadim Feichtner Interview