Weston Playhouse 2018 Season

One of our  pleasures each year  is interviewing Steve Stettler about the upcoming season at the Weston Playhouse. Steve is one of the three directors who have run the Playhouse for thirty years. This year, however, is their final year. It is a spectacular year with which to close their uniquely successful partnership, but we are saddened to see them depart since they have given audiences such pleasure with their productions.

Among the reasons  this is a special year is the completion of their second theatre at Walker Farm. This theatre allows them to produce more plays and be open year round as a  a venue for community lectures, concerts, films and other events. We interviewed Steve in the theatre’s green room and were given a tour of the building after the interview. As much as we had enjoyed the quaintness of the Weston Rod and Gun Club, this is an exciting improvement. Click below to listen to our interview with Steve and then get a season subscription pass . You will save money and have a great time.

Steve Stettler interview. 

Weston Playhouse website

Malcolm Ewen, Tim Fort and Steve Stettler


Weston 101

Weston Playhouse, Summer 2015In West Side Story, the hero Tony sings, “Somethin’s comin’, Somethin’ good.” That could describe what is happening with Weston 101. Steve Stettler, one of the producing directors at Weston Playhouse, is initiating a new program that should brighten up the winter months while we wait for the summer season plays to arrive. Starting in February, Steve will be presenting a series of ninety minute classes at Burr and Burton in Manchester. Those who enroll can either go to the class or, if it is stormy outside, they can stay home nice and cozy and watch it on their laptops or computers. There are six classes, one for each of the summer productions, which will have guests from the production, videos and other materials, all of which will be archived for further viewing. Students in class or at home will be able to ask questions and discuss the plays with Steve and his guests. This is an exciting blend of new technology, such as Skype, enriching  the magical world of live theatre.

The schedule is February 11 Man of La Mancha, February 25 Forever, March 10 Round and Round the Garden, March 24 Mamma Mia!, April 7 Murder for Two, and April 28 All My Sons, 7:00- 8:30 pm. Then, in the summertime, a special “Weston 101” post-show talkback with Treat Williams and the cast of Man of La Mancha, accompanied by a private backstage tour. Students can sign up for one class or for all six. To sign up or find out more about this unique program,  go online to  www.westonplayhouse.org or call  802-824-8167 x104

Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with Steve about this exciting new program. As Steve said, no grades, no homework, no tests, just a lot of fun.

Weston 101  Part 1

Weston 101 Part 2

Weston Playhouse Theatre

Weston Playhouse Theatre

Weston Playhouse is Vermont’s oldest professional theatre. Its first summer stock  season was in 1937. The theatre’s current theme is Celebrating the Classics Nurturing the New. Besides presenting a variety of plays each summer, it has a range of educational programs.  Fifteen Student Ambassadors are given free tickets to six productions and get an inside look into all aspects of the developing production. They sit in on rehearsals and watch the evolution of a play into a performance.  Another example of Weston’s educational outreach is the Broadway Boot Camp which, in conjunction with Burr and Burton Academy’s Creative Arts Department, offers high school students three weeks of acting, singing and dancing classes in musical theatre.

Malcolm Ewen, Tim Fort and Steve Stettler

In its long history, Weston has also had only three sets of administrators. It is unique in currently having a team of three directors who have worked together well for many years. We had the pleasure of interviewing the three directors  over the years.  Recently Steve Stettler talked to us about this year’s season, some of the other programs they have, as well as their plans for the future. They develop new works cooperatively in the community and with other regional theatres.

Weston Playhouse Company Members

Interview with Steve Stettler

The New Musical Theatre with Steve Stettler

One of the major contributions to theatre is the American musical. There are many fine books and video examinations of this history including Broadway The American Musical, Broadway, The Golden Age and Broadway Musicals, A Jewish Legacy.

Living where we do we have the advantage of seeing many excellent productions of musicals, both traditional and contemporary.  Both Barrington Stage and The Weston Playhouse are major sources for both kinds of musicals. Both theatres offer outstanding stage productions of old favorites such as Kiss Me Kate or Fiddler on The Roof while also producing new works. Many of these at Barrington Stage are at their second stage,The St. Germain Stage  while at Weston, some are produced on the main stage and others at their second stage at the Rod and Gun Club.

We talked with Steve Stettler one of the three producing directors at Weston.

Here is the link to our interview with Steve