The Tempest

The Tempest is always filled with magic. Part of the magic in Shakespeare & Company’s  production is the setting, out of doors in the Shakespeare Garden. Watching it in the early evening was enchanting. The other magic is the actors and Shakespeare. This play has everything, treachery, love and the most hilarious clowns ever.

Bob and I interviewed Allyn Burrows, the director, during rehearsals.  After the interview, he invited us into the garden to watch a rehearsal. That was fun, but seeing the play with the wonderful costumes and Ariel in the trees was even better.

Listen to the interview by clicking on the link to the interview. Then click on the Shakespeare and Company website. Don’t worry if it rains. The play will be under the tent in the Rose Footprint just down the path.

Interview with Allyn Burrows

Shakespeare and Company website





A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The last performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Mount in Lenox, MA is August 19. There is a magic seeing this play out of doors, whether  it is early in the morning or later in the day. The comedy includes a mix-up of young lovers, sprites and rude mechanicals. The play is concluding a run that started in the middle of July. The cast features a mix of Shakespeare & Company veterans and newcomers.  Bob and I were fortunate to interview Jonathan Croy, c0-director of the play, who brings insight that is the result of being involved as a director or actor with the play seventeen times.

After listening to the interview, by clicking on the link below

Interview with Jonathan Croy

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or call Shakespeare & Company’s box office at (413) 637-3353 to find the dates and times of the performances of this family friendly show. There are not many performances left and you don’t want to miss this delightful comedy.

Intimate Apparel

Intimate Apparel runs  at the Elayne Bernstein Theatre at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA until August 13. The company has added two matinees on August 8 and 9  for this popular play by Lynn Nottage.

Bob and I spoke with Daniela Varon, the director, and actress Nehassaiu deGannes, who plays Esther, the main character. Their positive feelings for the play were evident. Later when Bob and I saw the play we were transported back to 1905  where the young seamstress  Esther hoped to find a  life  for herself in New York City different from what the South offered African-American women at the time. The dreams and destinies of Esther and her friends, male and female, were shaped by the society that hovers outside the small bedrooms they inhabit. Their world comes alive as we feel their hopes, their pain and their moments of connecting to each other. If you have never seen the play, you should. If you have seen it, revisiting a play is always a joy to see how a new cast offers new insights.

Listen to the interview by clicking below

Intimate Apparel interview

Then go to the website by clicking on the link   or call (413) 637-1199 for tickets.

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          Tamara Hickey and Thomas Brazzle

William Shakespeare’s infrequently performed play Cymbeline is at Shakespeare & Company’s Tina Packer Playhouse in Lenox, MA until August 6. This is the first time the play has been performed on the    company’s main stage  as well as the first time Tina Packer, founding Artistic Director of the company, has directed it. Bob and I had never seen a  performance of the play so we were eager to watch the nine versatile actors tell this story.  We also anticipated hearing  Jonathan Epstein talk about the play. Having enjoyed Jonathan’s many performances during his thirty years with the company, we knew that he would provide useful insights into the play.

Click the link below to listen to him

Interview with Jonathan Epstein 

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                                         Nigel Gore and Jonathan Epstein


4000 Miles

Shakespeare and Company’s first production of the season is 4000 Miles, a contemporary play by Amy Herzog. It will be performed at the Elayne Bernstein Theatre from May 25 to July 16. Bob and I had the opportunity and the pleasure to interview the director Nicole Riccardi, and actors Greg Boover and Annette Miller while the play was  in rehearsal. Their insights into their characters and the social context from which the people emerge is enlightening as are  their comments about the language of the play. Glimpsing what goes into transforming a play on the page to reality on stage enriches our enjoyment of the performance.

Listen to what the actors and directors have to say by clicking below.

4000 Miles Interview





You can buy tickets by phone or through the company’s website

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Joan Ackermann – Playwright

Starting  March 17 and going through March 19, Shakespeare and Company is presenting readings of plays by Joan Ackerman. Joan lives in the Berkshires. Thirty-five years ago she and Gillian Seidl co-founded  Mixed Company,  a theatre in Great Barrington.  Mixed Company  not only produces Joan’s plays, but also the work of contemporary British and American playwrights.   


Joan has written for magazines and   television. When her play Off the Map  was made into a movie, she wrote the script. We had the pleasure of talking with Joan and  look forward to a first reading of her new play, Out of the Blue  Sunday, March 19. For a complete schedule of the readings of Joan’s plays, go to Shakespeare and Company’s website by clicking below after listening to the interview with Joan.

Interview with Joan Ackermann

Shakespeare and Company website


Shakespeare and Company’s 2017 Season

shakespeare-and-company-campusin-lenox-massachusetts-2005-2707Winter brightens considerably when theatres announce what they will be performing in their coming season. One anticipates the pleasures that await theatre goers. Recently we visited the campus of Shakespeare and Company to hear from their Artistic Director, Allyn Burrows, what is in store. In addition to  their Shakespearean and contemporary productions, there will also be  educational programs.  We also learned about the new outdoors performance space, Shakespeare’s Garden.

The company is also presenting a special treat on the weekend of February 18 at 7 pm  and 19 at 2 pm. Lovers’ Spat-Shakespeare’s Famous Couple Encounters offer readings of scenes from Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night’s Dream among other Shakespeare plays where the characters  deal with the challenges all lovers face. The case includes Shakespeare and Company favorites Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Tamara Hickey, David Joseph, Jason Asprey and others.



Go to the Shakespeare and Company website for details.

Shakespeare and Company

For details about the rest of the season, click below

Allyn Burrows and 2017 Season