Love’s Labor’s Lost

Love’s Labor’s Lost, 
 one of Shakespeare’s early comedies,   has been performed more frequently in recent years perhaps  because it raises significant gender issues.  Shakespeare and Company is presenting it in The Dell outdoors at the Mount of the Edith Wharton estate July 10 to August 18. These outdoor performances are special as the audience of all ages sits in lawn chairs or on blankets on the grass watching the story unfold much as Shakespeare’s original audiences saw it in the daylight and open air.

Love’s Labor’s Lost is a comedy about young love and earnest scholarship and whether the twain will ever meet. The King of Navarre and his noble kinsmen want to study for three years and to do so they will abjure the company of women. The arrival of the  Princess of France and her court of young women  on a diplomatic mission sets the action of the play in motion.

Bob and I had the opportunity to interview the director, Kelly Galvin, and three of the actors early in the rehearsal period to discuss the  process of creating this production. After you listen to the interview by clicking on the link below, you will be as eager as we are to see it.

Love’s Labor’s Lost Interview

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The Mount

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Here are some rehearsal photos






Shakespeare and Company presents  Macbeth until August 5. Performances of this play are always exciting. Our interview with cast members Thomas Brazzle and  Deaon Griffin-Pressley indicates that this production will offer fresh insights into the play. Some plays become classics because they speak to each new generation freshly.  This is the joy if seeing different productions of such a play.

We spoke to Thomas and Deaon while they were still in rehearsal. Listen to  them  by clicking below.

Interview with Thomas Brazzle and Deaon Griffin-Pressley

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Berkshire Theatre Critics Association



Steven Ball -General Manager-Shakespeare and Company

Steven Ball

Watching actors perform is the tip of the theatrical iceberg. There is so much work that goes into  productions to provide the pleasure of performance. Bob and I like to talk with those people whose work contributes to the production that we see. Over the years at Shakespeare and Company, we have seen and chatted briefly with Steve Ball as he goes about his work as General  Manager. We were curious as to what his title meant and what he does and  finally had the pleasure of asking him the questions we have had. Click on the link below and you will find out as we did about the fascinating job of General Manager.

Interview with Steve Ball

Shakespeare and Company website


Morning After Grace

Shakespeare and Company is starting its 41st season with the New England premiere of Morning After Grace by Carey Crim. Talking with the cast and the director a week before the play opens on May 24 was enlightening.  As the actors shared their understanding of the people they play, we became eager to see the play. Reggie LIfe, the director, also shared his insights about the production.   We have enjoyed  Corinna May’s work in a variety of plays over the years at Shakespeare and Company. However, Steve Barkhimer and Kevin Vavasseur were new to us. Their approach to this contemporary comedy increased our interest in seeing this team of actors working together. Their shared insights promise a delightful evening in the theatre with  added understanding of some of life’s transitions.

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Interview with cast and director of Morning After Grace

The watch this brief video of the director.

Reggie Life on Morning After Grace

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                               Steven Barkhimer, Corinna May, Kevin Vavasseur
                                 Steven Barkhimer, Kevin Vavasseur. Corinna May


King Lear- A Timeless Play

Dennis Krausnick as King Lear

Before Bob and I started our blog, we had a radio program that started in 2011 and which just ended this past September. When we started our blog, we felt that our interviews with theatre people reached a wider audience and also allowed us to provide supplemental materials. However, we regretted that so many of the wonderful interviews we had recorded earlier remained in the radio archives. We are now reposting some of them because the insights theatre people gave us were not limited to the particular productions we were discussing.

One of those programs that was always most vivid in our memories was our interview with Dennis Krausnick, Kevin Coleman and Jonathan Croy about their production of King Lear. King Lear has always been a favorite of mine. It was one of the first Shakespeare productions I saw in my life of theatre going. When I was at Bennington College I co-taught a three week unit on King Lear with a member of the literature faculty and a member of the drama faculty. Besides seeing many theatrical productions of Lear, I have also watched every film and television production of the play available. Yet this interview remains the most memorable of many discussions of Lear over the years.

King Lear Interview 2012


Image result for King Lear Shakespeare and Company 2012
Dennis Krausnick as Lear and Kevin Coleman as The Fool


Jonathan Croy as Gloucester


Shakespeare and Company’s Northeast Regional Tour

Each year since 1982, Shakespeare and Company sends out a tour to regional schools  of two ninety minute Shakespeare plays. Schools select one of the two plays. Besides the ninety minute performance of the play, there is a fifteen minute talkback with the cast and one of two workshops that are included.  Since there are a few  performances at the Tina Packer Playhouse in Lenox, Massachusetts,  Bob and I have seen some performances of these plays. Like the company’s Fall Festival, seeing the plays with an audience of students is exciting. Their responses are infectious.

Early in the tour, Bob and I interviewed four of the players. They had already completed  a few performances of Othello and listening to them talk about what the tour was like offered insight about the tour and its impact on the students. The actors we spoke with were David Bertokli, Alison Howard, Kirsten Peaccock and Kai Tshikosi

Click below to hear the interview.

School Tour Interview

The schedule of the performances at the Tina Packer Playhouse are listed below. Click on the Shakespeare and Company website for tickets and more information.

Shakespeare and Company Website

At The Tina Packer Playhouse:

Friday, March 2nd: Othello

Monday, March 26th: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Monday, April 2nd: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Thursday, April 12th: Othello

Wednesday, May 2nd: Othello

Friday, May 4th: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


All performances are at 10:00 am, run for 90 minutes, and are followed by an optional 15-minute talkback with the actors.

Tickets are $10/student.

Shakespeare and Company’s 2018 Season

After a successful first season  as Artistic Director of Shakespeare and Company, Allyn Burrows  announced the 2018 Season. Allyn spoke with us about the plays and the process of putting  a season together. He is  finalizing the casting, but  has excellent directors lined up and a variety of intriguing plays.  In addition to the plays by Shakespeare, the season includes contemporary plays that address  issues that reflect the season’s theme, Delight, Deceit and Desire.

While waiting for the new season to start, over the Valentine’s weekend Shakespeare and Company is offering a reading of Lovers’ Spat: Two directed by Allyn. It is a series of scenes performed by  members of the Company. There are only two performances, Saturday, February 17 at  7 pm,. and  Sunday, February 18 at 2 pm.

As with most theatres in our area, Shakespeare and Company has a variety of ways to make theatre affordable. Flex Passes are available until April 20. Berkshire residents receive a special discount.

Click below for our interview.

Shakespeare and Company’s 2018 Season Interview

Click below to see a video Allyn Burrows made of the season.

Shakespeare and Company Season Video

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Shakespeare and Company website