One Act Play Festival

During the early months of the new year, many theatre companies throughout the country set up one act play festivals where they present a variety of short works. Usually, there are different  plays over a number of nights, giving audience a chance to sample a range of  comedies and dramas. This also provides playwrights with a chance to see how their plays work on stage and with an audience.

Hubbard Hall Theatre Company in Cambridge, New York is offering such a festival, starting on Thursday, January 15 and running for three weekends. On Theatre Talk we spoke with David Snider, the executive director of Hubbard Hall and Danielle Mohlman whose play Nexus.will be featured. You can get detailed information as to the programs and the dates by clicking on he Hubbard Hall link below.

Hubbard Hall Play Festival

Interview with David Snider and Danielle Mohlman