The Almost True and Truly Remarkable Adventures of Israel Potter

Oldcastle Theatre opens its 47th season with a play adapted from a Herman Melville novel that follows the journey of a young man in the Revolutionary War. Fighting at Bunker Hill and then going to sea, Israel Potter has many adventures.  Under the sure direction of Nathan Stith, six actors play sixty roles between them. There is adventure, history, music and event after event as young Israel Potter ages throughout the course of the play thanks to the fine acting of Josh Aaron McCabe and the other members of the cast.

Due to circumstances, Bob and I were not able to interview members of the ensemble, but we talk about the play. We also talk about Oldcastle’s reasonable prices with their Flex Passes and opening weekend tickets of $29 and their second week’s Wednesday to Sunday ticket prices of $39.

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Discussion of Israel Potter

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Oldcastle Theatre Company 2018 Season

Eric Peterson, Producing Artistic Director of Oldcastle Theatre Company, reminded us that this was the company’s forty-seventh season.  I remembered that Bob and I have been attending forty-six of those years which shows that time passes faster than you realize. Bob has been a playwright, director, actor and photographer for the company during those years. There have been many memorable productions over that time. This season continues the tradition of being  outstanding in terms of the choice of plays and performers and directors.  Eric provides those details, information about how the plays are selected, and a few surprises so listen carefully by clicking below.

Oldcastle Theatre 2018 Season  

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Eric Peterson




Oldcastle’s Interim Executive Director

Spencer Sweet

These are exciting times for Bennington’s Oldcastle Theatre as it participates in the Putnam Block Project which is designed to revitalize downtown Bennington. Recognizing the possibilities, Oldcastle’s Board of Directors hired Spencer Sweet as Interim Executive Director to organize these new directions.  Bob and I talked with Spencer about what this means for Oldcastle and for Bennington. Some  changes are already evident in the off-season programming that offers  films, concerts, art shows and  other performances in Oldcastle’s intimate performance space.



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  Spencer Sweet Interview

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Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound
by Neil Simon is playing at the Oldcastle Theatre Company until October 15. This production of the third play in Simon’s semi-autobiographical trilogy should not be missed. Bob and I interviewed Eric Peterson, the director of the play, and four of the six cast members; Sarah Corey who plays Kate, the mother, Anthony Ingargiola and Robbie Rescigno who play brothers, Eugene and Stanley, and Amy Gaither Hayes who plays Aunt Blanche.

Listening to actors and directors talk about the challenges of a particular play is always informative and interesting. If you have already seen the play. you will enjoy hearing how the actors approach bringing their characters to life. If you have not yet seen it, listening will deepen your appreciation of their performances.

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Broadway Bound actors and director talk about the play

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A Comedy of Tenors

A Comedy of Tenors  plays at the Oldcastle Theatre until September 3. As soon as you see the amazing set and  all the doors, it becomes clear that this is a farce. The actors confirm that with their skilled comedic timing. This is a laugh delight. The production is a wonderful example of how theatre can engage an audience in the fun. The characters don’t think they are funny, but we do.

Bob and I interviewed Christine Decker, the director and Max Arnaud, an actor in the play. Since this is a play about tenors, we asked about their remarkable singing voices. Listening to an actor and a director talk about the process of achieving what seems so natural on stage is always enlightening.  After you listen to Chris and Max,  order your tickets. There are only six performances left and you don’t want to miss this delightful show.

Max Arnaud and Christine Decker Interview Part 1

Max Arnaud and Christine Decker Interview Part 2

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The next production in Oldcastle’s successful 2017 season is Mauritius by Theresa Rebeck, It opens on July 21 and runs until August 6.The title refers to an island in the Indian Ocean which generated a rare stamp that is worth a fortune. As we know fortunes usually attract the attention of nefarious characters.

As a playwright and television writer, Theresa Rebeck deals with such situations with skill in maintaining the suspense. Bob and I talked with three of the talented actors who will be bringing the play to life.

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Mauritius Interview

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Moonlight and Magnolias

Gone With the Wind was one of the most important movies of its day. Based on a best selling novel, it had an outstanding cast. The search for the right actress to play Scarlett O’Hara was a major event as 1,400 women tested for the part. The picture won ten Academy Awards. The production overcame many challenges with changes in writers and directors.

This is the subject of the farce that Oldcastle Theatre Company is presenting from June 23 to July 9. With four outstanding actors, all of whom have worked at Oldcastle previously, the play promises to be a delight. Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with the  actors playing producer David Selznick, director Victor Fleming and writer Ben Hecht. Listening to what the actors  have to say will make you as eager as we are to see Moonlight and Magnolias.

Moonlight and Magnolias Interview

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Fresh Hell-The Life and Loves of Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker is an icon of American literature and popular culture. She was a short story writer, a screen writer, a poet and a humorist. Her witty remarks are still quoted. The Algonquin Hotel is known as the home of the Round Table where writers and critics met for long lunches from about 1919 to 1929. Besides Dorothy Parker, the regular  list of celebrities included among others humorist Robert Benchley, playwrights George S. Kaufman and Robert Sherwood,  columnists, Heywood Broun and Franklin P. Adams,  critic, Alexander Woollcott and Harold Ross, editor of The New Yorker.. They were joined by luminaries from the theatre and film worlds, as well  as journalists and other writers such as Tallulah Bankhead, Noel Coward,  and Harpo Marx to name a few.

For just four performances, Natalie Wilder, an Oldcastle favorite, will recreate Dorothy Parker and her world at Oldcastle Theatre on Friday, June 9th @ 7:30pm, Saturday, June 10th @ 2pm and 7:30pm and Sunday,
June 11th @ 2pm.

Listen to our interview with Natalie, by clicking below and then click on Oldcastle Theatre to get your tickets. A visit to the The Dorothy Parker Society will get you in the mood.

Interview with Natalie Wilder about Dorothy Parker

The Dorothy Parker Society

Oldcastle Theatre



Shipwrecked: An Entertainment

Oldcastle Theatre Company is starting its 46th season with what sounds like a great deal  of fun for the entire family. Having interviewed two of the three cast members, John Hadden and Carla Woods,  about Shipwrecked , Bob and I are ready for the adventure. We have always enjoyed John Hadden and David Joseph in all their different performances. Listening to Carla, we know this is a cast of three outstanding actors who will take us on an imaginative journey. The play runs from May 19 to June 4. There is a buy one, get one free performance  on Thursday evening, May 25. There are also discounts for groups of twelve or more.

Shipwrecked Interview

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Oldcastle Theatres 2017 Season

olccastlefb-logoFinding out what a theatre’s summer season is going to be is always exciting. Since Oldcastle Theatre has many activities  during the year such as films, dramatic presentations, readings and various kinds of  music among other things, we mean the time from May to October when they have their major theatrical productions. Eric Peterson, Producing Artistic  Director, is always a delight to have on our program.  He not only gave us the details of the upcoming productions, but information about some additional programs such as the evening, March 4, when Carleton Carpenter will be discussing his book.CarleforOnline

So that you can mark your calendars now and think about buying Flex Passes, click below for all the news.

Oldcastle 2017 Season Part 1

Oldcastle 2017 Season Part 2

Oldcastle 2017 Season Part 3

Oldcastle 2017 Season Part 4


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