Moon Over Buffalo- MAUHS

The Career Development Center at Mt Anthony Union High School offers a program in Theatre Arts. Each spring they produce a play which gives students an opportunity to act in one of the many plays they learn about. This year, the play is Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig, a delightful farce   It will be playing  from Wednesday to Saturday, starting on May 10 at 7 pm. Tickets are $6 at the CDC office or at the door. After seeing the end of a rehearsal, Bob and I enjoyed interviewing three of the students in the play. We not only talked about the play and their work in it, but about what theatre means  to them. After you listen to them, you will want to see them perform in the play. Click on the links below and then get your tickets.

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 1

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 2

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 3

Moon Over Buffalo Cast Part 4