14705644_10208151320806877_5024379682005716740_nEach fall Mount Anthony Union High School presents a musical production that involves many students. Bob and I also enjoy seeing them because the energy and talent is amazing. This year, the production is Oliver.  The public performances are Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm, Friday at 7 pm, Saturday at 2 pm and 7 pm. There are also school performances.

Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with musical director Lynn Sweet and drama director Tim Foley as well as five of the cast members. Jeremy Boutot is playing Fagin, Abby Hensley is Nancy, Evan Kozierok is the Artful Dodger, Thea Papas is Charlotte and Ben Bushee is Mr. Bumble.

Lynn Sweet and Tim Foley

Oliver Cast Members





The Glass Menagerie

glassmenageriewebThe Glass Menagerie is one of Tennessee Williams’ most memorable  and frequently performed plays. Set in the 1930s, it is the story of a family in transition. Although the circumstances may be specific to a time and place, the relationships are universal. Often categorized as a memory play, it is narrated by Tom, remembering his sister and mother at a crucial moment in the family’s history.

Christine Decker, the director, has a long relationship with the play. Early in her acting career at Oldcastle Theatre she played Laura, the shy daughter.  Later she played Amanda, Tom  and Laura’s mother.

The Mount Anthony Union High School Drama Club offers a wide variety of plays, performing American classics such as last year’s production of Arthur Miller’s  All My Sons along with musicals like The Adams Family.  Different casts will play on alternate nights from April 13 through April 16 at 7 pm at the Oldcastle Theatre on Main Street in Bennington.

Interview with Christine Decker Part 1

Interview with Christine Decker Part 2


img_cast_decker-150x150 (1)
Christine Decker
Tennessee Williams



The Imaginary Invalid

7d7954c1-fb55-4fcc-8169-87b8b4dcd36bThe Mount Anthony High School Drama Club is presenting Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid at the Oldcastle Theatre Company, January 27 through January 30 at 7 pm each of those evenings.  We were fortunate to talk to four of the cast members, Sebastian Durfee, Cole Lamoureaux, Nadine Morgan and Thea Pappas who told us about how rehearsals have been going. The tickets are six dollars and can be purchased at the theatre or at the high school.  The play is double cast so people might want to go and see it twice.

As we talked with the students, it became clear how important theatre programs are for young people.  Besides providing audiences with a chance to see plays that are not often presented,  these productions  provide experiences for young performers that will last beyond graduation.

The Imaginary Invalid Part 1

The Imaginary Invalid Part 2

Caleb Bishop, Jordan Peters,Thomas Tifft,

Thomas Tifft, Jordan Peters, Abby HensleyArgan chasing Toinette 3

Abby Hensley, Thomas Tifft, Ben Bushee

The Addams Family

the-addams-familyEach year the Mount Anthony Union High School delights the community with a musical production. In the past they have done The Wizard of Oz, Urinetown and The Little Shop of Horrors among other productions. Tim Foley and Lynn Sweet are the co-directors. We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the students who are in the upcoming production of The Addams Family. The Addams family was the creation of Charles Addams in cartoons for The New Yorker Magazine. It was then a television show, a film with Raul Julia and Angelica Houston and  then, a musical with Nathan Lane heading the weird and wonderful family.

Starting on October 29, the Addams Family will be in action once more in a production at the Mount Anthony Union High school. Four of the students who are acting and singing in it talked with us about the production which will be at the high school on Thursday and Friday at seven o’clock  and Saturday at two and eight o’clock. Our guests were Sebastian Durfee, MaryHope Coffield, Amara Armstrong and Maria Saladar. Sebastian plays Gomez, MaryHope and Maria alternate the role of Wednesday and Amara plays Pugsley. They also shared their experiences as students in the Mount Anthony Drama Club. Addams_Family_sketch_Charles_Addams

The Addams Family Part 1

The Addams Family Part 2

Cartoon from The Addams Family: An Evilution by Charles Addams
Cartoon from The Addams Family: An Evilution by Charles Addams