Mac-Haydn Theatre 2018 Season

The Mac-Haydn Theatre is celebrating its 50th season with an exciting and varied selections of musicals. The theatre began  in 1969 when Lynne Haydn and Linda MacNish met and like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in an MGM musical, they said, “Let’s put on a show.”  Little did they know when they mounted My Fair Lady on the Chatham Fair Grounds that people would be putting on shows for  fifty years, moving from an improvised barn to a delightful arena theatre.

Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with John Saunders, the Artistic Director of the company about this season. Learning how he selects a season and puts together the company increased our appreciation of this unique company.

                    John Saunders

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Interview with John Saunders

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                                       Hello Dolly 2017



Hello, Dolly

Jerry Herman’s classic musical Hello, Dolly plays at the Mac-Haydn Theatre until September 3. The music is infectious . This is a musical to make you feel happy about the world. Dolly is a force of nature in her making everything turn out right.

Bob and I had the chance to talk with Dolly,  aka Monica M. Wemitt, Rachel Rhodes-Devey who plays the other widow, Irene Molloy, and Bethany Marx who created the lovely costumes. Along the way we learned something of the history of Mac-Haydn.

Hello, Dolly is a lovely conclusion to a wonderful season of varied musicals. This was our first season at Mac-Haydn, but it won’t be our last. Everyone should put this gem of a theatre on their list of theatres not to be missed. Each musical  has been a joy with the company capturing the unique quality of its particular story and score.

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Hello, Dolly Interview Part 1

Hello, Dolly Interview Part 2

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Hello, Dolly video


“Always look on the bright side of life”.  Eric Idle transformed the film Monty Python and The Holy Grail into a wonderful musical, Spamalot which is playing at the Mac-Haydn Theatre until August 20. Our sons saw the film twelve times. They would probably wish to see this production that many times as well. The score is wonderful, the book full of laughs and the production at Mac-Haydn a delight to see and hear. The joy in Python jokes is that you relish hearing them over and over until you can almost say the lines with the actors. Each time you hear them they are as fresh as the first time. This production builds on that as the actors transform into various characters just as the Pythons did. Arthur, King of the Britains and The Lady of the Lake are always themselves, of course. Hard to choose highlights, but “Whatever Happened to My Song?” and “I Am All Alone” and “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway…” come to mind.

The Mac-Haydn Theatre is a gem for lovers of musicals. To transform from Anything Goes to Saturday Night Fever to  Sweeney Todd to Spamalot  every two weeks on a tiny arena stage is incredible.  Bob and I are in awe of the exhilarating performances we have seen there. Fortunately, each production for us has been preceded by an interview with people involved with the particular show. This time it was  Neal Kowalsky, the director, Jillian Zack , music director and John Anker Bow who plays.Arthur, King of the Britains. Click below to hear the interview.

Spamalot Interview

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Mac-Haydn Theatre

Madison Stratton as The Lady of the Lake
John Anker Bow as Arthur, King of the Britains

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is playing at the Mac-Haydn Theatre until August 6. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the play  won many awards including a Tony as Best Musical and the Olivier for Best Musical when it opened in London. Over eighty percent of the production is musical with songs ranging from the macabre to the humorous to the lyrical. Given the Mac-Haydn’s intimate arena stage, all the aspects of the show are intensified. The audience is literally in the set with London buildings painted on the walls  and the ensemble in the aisles.

Bob and I had the pleasure of interviewing John Saunders, Artistic Director at the Mac-Haydn  and David Maglione, director of this production.

John Saunders
        David Maglione






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Interview with John Saunders and David Maglione

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Saturday Night Fever – Mac-Haydn Theatre

Saturday Night Fever is the show  that most people requested the Mac-Haydn Theatre  produce this summer. . It runs until July 23. Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with two of the major players, Kate Zulauf who plays Stephanie and Sophia Tzougros who plays Annette, as well as the choreographer, James Kinney. As always, we were amazed to see the transformation of the actors into their roles when we watched them on stage. We were also awed, as we generally are, by the way in which the Mac-Haydn Theatre creates different worlds through costumes, lighting, minimal sets and the talents of the ensemble singers and dancers. The way  artists, such as James , can create dance numbers that take the audience into different musical worlds is joy to watch and appreciate.

Looking at the variety in the current season in terms of Saturday Night Fever and the productions before and to come, shows how remarkable this theatre devoted to musicals is.

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Saturday Night Fever Interview

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Anything Goes

 Anything Goes  at the Mac-Haydn Theatre has so many of Cole Porter’s most memorable songs that you will be singing all the way home. Opening the first act with I Get a Kick Out of You and  closing the act with Anything Goes with a host of wonderful songs in between is spectacular. However, the second act has among other songs, Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Throughout the show, the dialogue and lyrics are funny and infectious, the costumes are gorgeous. Since the theatre is in the round, instead of a set, the walls are painted appropriately for each play. The audience feels that it is on the ship along with the singers and dancers.

Bob and I were fortunate on opening night to talk with Angela Travino who plays Reno Sweeney, Darrel Blackburn who plays Moonface Martin and Patrick Heffernan, the Assistant Director/Choreographer. After you listen to them and view the video, go to their web site for tickets or call   518-392-9292. Performances are Wednesday 2 p.m, Thursday 2 and 8 p.m., Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday 4 and 8 p.m., Sunday 2 and 7 p.m

Anything Goes Interview

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Mac-Haydn Theatre

Musical theatre has a special magic. Musicals sweep you along as they tell stories through songs and dance. Emotions are intensified as the audience listens and watches. The Mac-Haydn Theatre is devoted to presenting musicals of all  kinds. Every two weeks they offer a different treat –  new and old favorites.


Located in Chatham, New York, the Mac-Haydn presents musicals in the round. The audience surrounds the  small stage which seems huge as the young dancers fill it with motion and sound. Each seat is a good one  The aisles, the theatre walls, are all part of the action. Bob and I were thrilled to  to talk to two of the principal players in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  on opening night, Gabe Belyeu and Madison Stratton.  They were delightful and offered insight into Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and into musical theatre and what the experience is for the actors. A half hour later when we saw them, we barely recognized them, so fully had they  become their characters. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels runs until June 18. There are matinees as well as evening performances. Check out the other musicals that are coming up as well by clicking on the theatre’s website after listening to the actors.

Interview with Gabe Belyeu and Madison Stratton 

Mac-Haydn Theatre Website

Colin Pritchard, Gabe Belyeu and Madison Stratton
Colin Pritchard and Gabe Belyeu







                           Gabe Belyeu, Colin Pritchard, Steve Hassam
                                 Madison Stratton and Judith Wyatt