Introduction to Women in Theatre

One of our first programs was about women in theatre and the contributions women have made in creating companies,  in producing, directing, in writing plays and in acting. They have been instrumental in sustaining and enriching theatre. We have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the Berkshire area’s dynamic women who have given so much to our region. However, this first program is a general introduction to the topic.

Our programs will be supplemented by interviews from a series which I will be posting along with our interviews. Sponsored by the League of Professional Theatre  Women, it is a valuable series. Linda Winer is an excellent interviewer. Interestingly, one of the producers of the series is Betty Corwin whom I knew when her children went to the Westport Cooperative Nursery School of which I was the founding director. Betty filmed many production for the theatre archive. In 2006 she won the Luiclle Lortell Edith Oliver Award for Sustained Excellence.

I  include the interview with Tina Howe because we mention her on our program and because we have enjoyed productions of her plays. Liz Swados was a student of Bob’s at Bennington College.  She was in Happiness Ahead  which was inspired by Joan Littlewood’s Oh What A Lovely War.  Joan had told Bob when he said he wanted to do a production of her play that he should find a time in American history that was as significant to us as the First World War was to the British.

Tina Howe

Liz Swados

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