Measure for Measure – Riggs Theatre 37

The Austen Riggs Theatre 37 is presenting Measure for Measure, May 22 through May 28 at 7:30 pm in their intimate theatre at 37 Main Street, Stockbridge Massachusetts. Kevin Coleman, Director of Education at Shakespeare and Company, has  been directing two plays a year at Austen Riggs for over twenty-five years. The theatre’s  May production is a Shakespeare play. Measure for Measure is a play that is not done as frequently as some of Shakespeare’s more familiar plays. Kevin talked about the production with us, providing  fresh insights into the play. You can listen to Kevin by clicking on the link below. For tickets to the play, call  (413) 298 5519 Ext 5606.

Measure for Measure-Kevin Coleman


Kevin Coleman at Austen Riggs in rehearsal


Austen Riggs Lavender Door Theatre

Shakespeare and Company’s Educational Programs

teacher-ongrass-1Besides the Fall Festival, which Kevin  Coleman has talked about in the past,  Shakespeare and Company has a number of other educational programs for students in elementary and middle schools. Kevin Coleman and Lezlie Lee talked with us about them and what the experience for the children is. They also touched on the company’s court diversion program, The Riotous Youth summer program and the Teacher Education program. There wasn’t enough time to go into all the programs in the detail that we would have liked. However, we will have them back at some point to talk further about each of these programs.

Shakespeare and Company Educational Programs Part 1

Shakespeare and Company Educational Programs Part 2


Riotous Youth in Class
Riotous Youth in Class
Riotous Youth Ready to Perform
Riotous Youth Ready to Perform








Shakespeare in the Courts
Shakespeare in the Courts
Teacher Education Program Sword Play Class





Shakespeare and Company at Hudson Valley Community College 2014

Riggs Theatre 37

Kevin Coleman at Riggs Theatre 37
Kevin Coleman at Riggs Theatre 37

The Austen Riggs Psychiatric Center has an activities program that includes arts, crafts and drama. Set up in 1954 by Joan Erikson, wife of Erik Erikson who was on the staff at the Center, the program recognizes how valuable the arts are in people’s lives. Kevin Coleman, the Educational Director at Shakespeare and Company, is also the director of Riggs Theatre 37 which offers classes, in house performances and theatrical productions.  These productions, which are open to the public, take place at the Lavender Door in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The theatre seats 75 people.

Their upcoming production is a Feydeau farce, The Patsy. The performances are from December 15 to December 23 at 7:30 pm at The Lavender Theatre. Kevin talked to us about the production as well as his work at Austen Riggs.

Riggs Theatre 37 Part 1

Riggs Theatre 37 Part 2
Riggs Theatre-jp

Fall Festival 2015

Kevin Coleman addressing a Fall Festival audience.

The Fall Festival is one of the highlights of the season at Shakespeare and Company. This is the 27th year for this amazing program which begins this year on Thursday, November 19 and runs through Sunday November 22. Ten area high schools each give a performance of a Shakespeare play. For a schedule of the plays go to

We were fortunate to interview Kevin Coleman, the Director of Education at Shakespeare and Company about this remarkable program where high school students, not only perform, but are most of the audience for the performances as they watch each other’s productions. We were also fortunate to interview three of the young directors working with the students at different high schools. These were young people whose performances we have enjoyed in different productions at Shakespeare and Company.  One of them. Annie Considine, was also in the Fall Festival when she was a student in high school. We found a video she made while she was in her college drama program talking about the Fall Festival.

Some of the photos and the videos will give you a sense of what the program is like.  The  photos and videos are from past years. Nothing equals seeing these productions, each last ninety minutes and is performed with energy, zest and understanding.

Interview with Kevin Coleman

Interview with Fall Festival Directors













Annie Considine 2011“>

Common Class“>

24th Annual Fall Festival Select Scenes



Shakespeare and Company’s Educational Programs

Three years ago, we interviewed Kevin Coleman, Director of the Educational Programs at Shakespeare and Company.  Bob wrote a book, Performing Shakespeare: A Way to Learn  and had interviewed Kevin then about the various programs.  We always enjoy talking with Kevin about the many hats he wears at Shakespeare and Company. We also have been thrilled by the performances at the Fall Festival as well as having recently enjoyed the Shakespeare and Young Company production this spring, so we wanted to share some of it.

Both the videos and the interview took place several years ago, but the programs continue with the same vitality.“>

The Fall Festival“>

Shakespeare in the Courts