Challenges for Women in Theatre

A few weeks ago Dina Janis posted this article on her Facebook page.

After I read it, I thought of many of the challenges women face in theatre in addition to the challenges everyone in theatre faces. I thought we should have a program about it so Bob and I asked three women whose work we admired and whom we knew would speak honestly about the issues. Dina Janis, Artistic Director of The Dorset Theatre Festival and a member of the Bennington College Drama Faculty, Elizabeth Apenlieder, actress, Artistic Associate and Director of Communications at Shakespeare and Company and Janis Young, actress and member of the Bennington College Drama Faculty.

Their views on the topic are below. There was also a great deal of discussion during the sponsorship breaks and after the program was over, particularly when Bob got to ask his question about whether women received equal pay to men in theatre, which I am sorry we could not record.