Peter and the Starcatcher

peterposterwebnew-791x1024Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York puts on a variety of theatrical programs throughout the year along with its music, dance and art classes and events. Currently the tale of how Peter Pan became Peter Pan is on their impressive stage until October 23. This is an adventure for the whole family as Peter and his friends battle pirates and rough seas. Before we saw the spectacle ourselves, Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with David Snider, The Executive Artistic Director of Hubbard Hall and director of this production, as well as two of the cast. Watching the production it was fun, as always, to see familiar actors as well as new ones bring the story to life. There was music, sword fights and one of the best second act openings ever.

Check out times and dates as well as future events at the Hubbard Hall website by clicking on this link.  Hubbard Hall 

Listen to the program by clicking on the links below.

Peter and the Starcatcher Part 1

Peter and the Starcatcher Part 214725511_10153807734427007_7140320493560479977_n

Headshots from Peter and The Star Catcher Directed by David Snider at Hubbard Hall

Headshots from Peter and The Star Catcher Directed by David Snider at Hubbard Hall

A Playgoer’s Weekend

pbn3-audience0019This weekend is a playgoer’s delight and/or dilemma. There are four plays opening, one that has just opened and a one evening play reading. As some  theatres are ending their seasons, others are starting  their seasons. We are fortunate to have almost year round theatre in our area. Concluding successful seasons, Barrington Stage is presenting Camping With Henry and Tom and Oldcastle offers The Ride Down Mount Morgan. The Berkshire Theatre Group just opened The Bakelite Masterpiece. The Dorset Players are starting their season with Blithe Spirit and Hubbard Hall is kicking off with Peter and the Starcatcher. 

Fortunately, except for the Dorset Players production of Blithe Spirit which runs only this weekend and next, the other productions are running until October 23. However, you should check their websites for dates and times.

The play reading of Hamlet with Finn Wittrock as Hamlet at Shakespeare and Company is only Saturday, October 8 at 7 pm.

We have already posted a blog of our interviews with actors from The Ride Down Mount Morgan. We have also interviewed actors from Blithe Spirit and Peter and the Starcatcher. These programs  will play at our new time this Sunday noon to one on WBTN. We will post blogs about them after they have aired on WBTN. We will be posting our interview on the reading of Hamlet shortly.

To go the the theatres’ websites, click on the highlighted links. Meanwhile, enjoy the videos that are available.

Oldcastle Theatre Company

 The Dorset Players

Hubbard Hall



Barrington Stage



The Berkshire Theatre Group



Shakespeare and Company





Shakespeare Outdoors – Hubbard Hall

Small-poster-Othello-768x943One of the joys of summer is seeing Shakespeare performed out of doors. For many years, Hubbard Hall of Cambridge, New York, has presented touring productions of Shakespeare’s plays, not only performing out of doors in Cambridge, but touring to other communities as well. This year, they have also decided that weather will not deter them so in each location, they have an alternate rain performing space. Check the Hubbard Hall website to see where they are performing near you.  Performances are free, donations are accepted.  They are performing through July 16, so don’t miss them.

Bob and I had the pleasure of interviewing the director Erin Ouellette and actors, Catherine Seeley and Scott Renzoni.

Othello Interview Part 1

Othello Interview Part 2

IMG_3491 (2)



The Crucible

CrucibleWEB-768x1024Since this year marks the 100th anniversary of Arthur Miller’s birth, many theatres are doing productions of his plays. For the next four week ends, April 16 to May 8, Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York will be offering The Crucible,  an examination of the Salem witch trials.

Later this summer Weston Playhouse will be performing All My Sons and Oldcastle Theatre will be doing a production of The Ride Down Mount Morgan.  Theatre goers will benefit from seeing  all these productions and savoring the variety of themes which Miller undertook as he examined the complexities of  American life. All My Sons reveals the results of war profiteering and The Ride Down Mount Morgan, the nature of marriage in contemporary society.

When The Crucible was first produced in 1953, it seemed a response to the witch hunting tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy. However, it resonates currently in terms of the fear inciting tactics of some contemporary politicians. We had the pleasure of talking with the director Jeannine Haas and actress Lia Russell-Self. There were some technical problems with the first few seconds of the recording so keep listening.

The Crucible Part 1

The Crucible Part 2

It is always exciting to go behind the scenes and Hubbard Hall has made that possible with this video.

Behind the Scenes of The Crucible


Winter Carnival

img199For a second year, Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York is presenting a festival of new plays by a wide range of writers from around the country. There will be three different programs with seven plays in each of the two weekend evenings and three plays on the matinees both weekends, January 22 to the 31.  Tickets are ten dollars for adults and five dollars for students. Those with a $25 theatre pass have access to all the plays, as do those who have a Hubbard Hall season pass.

David Snider, the Executive Artistic Director of Hubbard Hall talked with Bob and me about the program. Among the exciting and varied plays are four plays from the 365 Women a Year Project. This project focuses on plays about women written by women about notable women from the past and the present. Recent Bennington College graduate Natalie Osborne and  current Bennington College junior and director, Sarah Jack,  are responsible for these plays.  They joined David on our program to talk about this project and their own work in theatre and college.

Winter Carnival Part 1

Winter Carnival Part 2

Rehearsal Picture
Rehearsal Picture


Rehearsal picture
Rehearsal picture

Wayward Home

PRWaywardPoster-672x1024Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education in Cambridge, N. Y.  offers programs in music, art, dance and theatre. Last year, under the direction of David Snider, the new Executive and Artistic Director, a Winter Carnival of New Works was begun. The Carnival highlighted new plays through readings and performances at different stages of their creation.  One of these was the beginnings of a musical folktale, created by Maizy Scarpa and Clara Strauch. This has now been developed into a full production with Maizy and Clara and Abigail Wahl. The show opens on Friday, November 6 and will run weekends through November 29. Hubbard Hall’s ticket prices are reasonable and they have special rates for students and groups.

Bob and I have enjoyed Maizy’s work as an actress and a director and were impressed to see another aspect of her talents. She, Clara and David Snider talked with us about the work and about its future performances. To see the launching of a new work is most exciting. As David points out the audience is also a part of this creation so don’t miss it.wayward-1024x1024

Wayward Home Interview Part 1

Wayward Home Interview Part 2“>

Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education

Hubbard Hall
Hubbard Hall

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing David Snider, Executive and Artistic Director of Hubbard Hall. He told us about all the activities that are going on this summer in terms of performance and education. He also gave us a glimpse of what will be happening in theatre at the Hall in this fall and spring at Hubbard Hall.  We had difficulty remembering that he had only been with the Hall for a year so much has happened in that year. We particularly look forward to the traditional outdoor Shakespeare performance in the summer. This year it is Love’s Labours Lost.

Interview with David Snider Part 1

Interview with David Snider Part 2“>