Oldcastle Theatre Company 2018 Season

Eric Peterson, Producing Artistic Director of Oldcastle Theatre Company, reminded us that this was the company’s forty-seventh season.  I remembered that Bob and I have been attending forty-six of those years which shows that time passes faster than you realize. Bob has been a playwright, director, actor and photographer for the company during those years. There have been many memorable productions over that time. This season continues the tradition of being  outstanding in terms of the choice of plays and performers and directors.  Eric provides those details, information about how the plays are selected, and a few surprises so listen carefully by clicking below.

Oldcastle Theatre 2018 Season  

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Oldcastle and Redevelopment

images (3)Like most people in Bennington, Bob and I were excited to hear about the group that was buying the Greenberg block with the idea of redeveloping the area. The partnership of various groups and individuals involved is looking to revitalize the downtown through a diversification of retail, businesses,  restaurants, offices and in-town living spaces. Of course, we were concerned  how it would affect Oldcastle Theatre. To find out, we interviewed Eric Peterson. While there, we also talked about Big River which was still running and which has just closed. Eric also talked about the next play, The City of Conversation, which runs from August 5 to August 21. He shared information about the new film program that is being planned by Oldcastle as well. There is a great deal going on with Oldcastle.  The new redevelopment project and Oldcastle are going to work well together.

Interview with Eric Peterson

The area that is going to be redeveloped.




Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson

Casting a play is an important step in the success of any play. Finding the right actor for the right part means a number of decisions. As Producing Artistic Director of Oldcastle Theatre Company Eric Peterson shares his experience casting plays for the upcoming season at the theatre. Besides this he shared information about other events at Oldcastle, including a special addition to  Oldcastle programming – films. We also talked about the rules that producers have to follow.  Finally, he revealed some of the actors in this season’s plays. You may hear us oohing and ahing in the background as he mentions some of our favorites. It  sounds like Oldcastle is on the way to matching last year’s outstanding season.

Casting with Eric Peterson Part 1

Casting with Eric Peterson Part 2

                                                      Some of the actors this season

Nigel Gore
Nigel Gore
David Joseph
David Joseph
Christine Decker
Christine Decker










Oldcastle Theatre Company 2016

12717755_1019223614808721_4698871837486441126_nMany events happen at Oldcastle Theatre throughout the year including acting classes for adults, vacation theatre camp for children, special musical presentations, play readings and community gatherings. However, Spring, Summer and Fall are special as the theatrical season will be in full swing. Producing Artistic Director Eric Peterson visited Theatre Talk to give a preview of this coming season’s productions.  This is the company’s 45th year  offering an exciting variety of plays. As a special bonus Eric described what goes into selecting a theatrical season. Tickets and Flex-passes will be going on sale shortly. Meanwhile, check to see what other events are happening at the theatre.

Oldcastle Theatre 2016 Part 1

Oldcastle Theatre 2016 Part 2

Other Events at Oldcastle Theatre


March 25, 8 pm
March 25, 8 pm


Talley’s Folly

Eric Peterson told us about the Oldcastle 2015 season which begins with Tally’s Folly. This is a co-production with The Bickford Theatre of Morristown, New Jersey. Oldcastle has frequently partnered with them. Sometimes the productions originate at Oldcastle and sometimes at Bickford. This production arrives from Bickford Theatre and runs from May 1 to May 17. The play is by Lanford Wilson and it won the Pulitzer Prize  for Drama and the Drama Critics Circle Award in 1980.  A romantic comedy, it  is part of a trilogy and is often produced in theatres across the country.

Oldcastle Theatre Company

Lanford Wilson

Eric Peterson Theatre Talk-042715-Part 1

Eric Peterson Theatre Talk-042715-Part 2

Oldcastle Theatre

Oldcastle Theatre Company

For over forty years, Oldcastle has presented Bennington and the surrounding region with a variety of exciting and absorbing productions of dramas, comedies and musicals. Each season they offer a balanced selection of new plays, American classics and the best from New York. London and regional theatre.  This year it starts its forty-fourth season. We have been an appreciative audience for most of those years. In the interest of full disclosure we have also participated in various other ways. Bob has directed, acted with them and had plays produced at Oldcastle. In their early days he ran their light and sound board and in later years he was their official photographer. I was on their Board and for several years was the President of the Board so we have enjoyed all of the challenges and the satisfactions that come with being involved with a theatre company. Recently, however, we have been loyal members of the audience.

During all this time, Eric Peterson has been the Producing Artistic Director of the company. There are not many theatre companies that have had such consistent leadership. He has also acted with the company, directed many of the plays and written some original dramas for them as well. Members of the original founding group often come back to act or direct or even stage manage. There is always a balance of new and familiar actors.

In this interview, Eric talks about the upcoming season as well as some of the history of the company. I  have also included a connection to their web site and a video showing their new (now two year old) home in construction, as well as an interview we conducted  with Bob Howe two years ago  about the seating he designed. Check the url for Bob’s interview.

Eric Peterson on Oldcastle

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