Hubbard Hall: Community and Art

hubbard-hallThe motto of Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, News York is “Making Art and Community Happen.”  In the short time David Snider has been Hubbard Hall’s Executive and Artistic Director, Hubbard Hall has moved forward dramatically in fulfilling its mission. It continues to offer a variety of classes, its Theatre Company continues to produce  a wide variety of works,  David has directed some and created a memorable John Proctor in The Crucible.  The Opera Company continues to grow and draw young artists from around the country.  David instituted the Winter Carnival of New Work which this years focuses on farming in the Cambridge area.  Most importantly, David has integrated the work of Hubbard Hall into the community in new ways.  So we were eager to talk to David and be brought up to date on what is happening at Hubbard Hall.
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Winter Carnival

img199For a second year, Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York is presenting a festival of new plays by a wide range of writers from around the country. There will be three different programs with seven plays in each of the two weekend evenings and three plays on the matinees both weekends, January 22 to the 31.  Tickets are ten dollars for adults and five dollars for students. Those with a $25 theatre pass have access to all the plays, as do those who have a Hubbard Hall season pass.

David Snider, the Executive Artistic Director of Hubbard Hall talked with Bob and me about the program. Among the exciting and varied plays are four plays from the 365 Women a Year Project. This project focuses on plays about women written by women about notable women from the past and the present. Recent Bennington College graduate Natalie Osborne and  current Bennington College junior and director, Sarah Jack,  are responsible for these plays.  They joined David on our program to talk about this project and their own work in theatre and college.

Winter Carnival Part 1

Winter Carnival Part 2

Rehearsal Picture
Rehearsal Picture


Rehearsal picture
Rehearsal picture

Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education

Hubbard Hall
Hubbard Hall

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing David Snider, Executive and Artistic Director of Hubbard Hall. He told us about all the activities that are going on this summer in terms of performance and education. He also gave us a glimpse of what will be happening in theatre at the Hall in this fall and spring at Hubbard Hall.  We had difficulty remembering that he had only been with the Hall for a year so much has happened in that year. We particularly look forward to the traditional outdoor Shakespeare performance in the summer. This year it is Love’s Labours Lost.

Interview with David Snider Part 1

Interview with David Snider Part 2“>

An Illiad

An Illiad is a powerful adaptation of the story of the Trojan war told by Homer many, many years ago. One of the unique aspects of the production at Hubbard Hall is that the narrator is played by a woman, Jeannine Haas in a performance that holds the audience spellbound. The play runs around 100 minutes without interruption, but the time goes quickly as everyone is absorbed in the tale. This performance is what theatre is about, a group of people held together by the intensity of a story unfolding before them.

The performance at Hubbard Hall runs weekends through May 17 and it should not be missed.

We were fortunate to interview Jeannine Haas and David Snider the Executive and Artistic Producer at Hubbard Hall. David also gave us a preview of the upcoming events at the Hubbard Hall Theatre. We have also included an interview the adapters of the Illiad gave several years ago as well as a preview of the performance at Hubbard Hall.

David and Jeannine Theatre Talk-042715-Part 3

David and JeannineTheatre Talk-042715-Part 4

Lisa Peterson and Denis O”Hare

Hubbard Hall Preview of An Illiad

One Act Play Festival

During the early months of the new year, many theatre companies throughout the country set up one act play festivals where they present a variety of short works. Usually, there are different  plays over a number of nights, giving audience a chance to sample a range of  comedies and dramas. This also provides playwrights with a chance to see how their plays work on stage and with an audience.

Hubbard Hall Theatre Company in Cambridge, New York is offering such a festival, starting on Thursday, January 15 and running for three weekends. On Theatre Talk we spoke with David Snider, the executive director of Hubbard Hall and Danielle Mohlman whose play Nexus.will be featured. You can get detailed information as to the programs and the dates by clicking on he Hubbard Hall link below.

Hubbard Hall Play Festival

Interview with David Snider and Danielle Mohlman

Hubbard Hall

Hubbard Hall is a community arts center, offering programs in theatre, dance, opera, music and the visual arts. They not only offer performances but classes in the various arts.  The Opera House was built in 1878 when most small communities, including Bennington, had an opera house. It was home to traveling road shows, local concerts, chautauquas town meetings and all kinds of other community activities. It closed in 1920. However, in 1978, community members formed Hubbard Halls Projects, a non-profit organization and renovated the building. Since then they have acquired a complex of other buildings which allows them to offer many varied arts activities over the years.

Bob and I have been attending the Hubbard Hall Theatre for at least fifteen years. We got introduced to it when Kevin McGuire was its artistic director for over ten years. Then John Hadden took over and now David Snider is both the artistic director of the theatre company and executive director of Hubbard Hall. Over the years we have not only enjoyed the theatrical productions in terms of the range of plays they produce but the high quality of the productions. We have also had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin and John and other members of the company on Theatre Talk.

David Snider replaces Benji White who was executive director since 1978. Benji will be staying on as the building manager. David comes from the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. His wife works is the Director of Communications at Bennington College.  We have had several interviews with David. The latest was when he was discussing his production of The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee.

David Snider

We also spoke with him when he first came to Hubbard Hall on June 9, 2014. Below is a link to that program where he talks about his plans.

Here is a link to Hubbard Hall interview,