945197ea-1633-4e8e-a869-f9726222a6dcBob and I have talked at length about how much we enjoy WAM Theatre’s Fresh Takes series of play readings. One of our favorite plays in the series was Waxworks. Imagine our delight when we discovered that Williams College ’62 was producing the play and that Kristen van Ginhoven, WAM’s Artistic Director, was directing it.  The performances are May 5, 6 and 7 at the Adams Memorial Theatre in Williamstown. Tickets are $3.00.

We were fortunate enough to interview Kristen in her office at Williams College where she is also teaching this semester. The play by Trina Davies tells the tale of Madame Tussaud  and  her work during the French Revolution.

Madame Tussaud
Madame Tussaud
Death mask of Robsepierre
Death mask of Robespierre

A skilled artist in creating wax impressions of people, a skill she learned from her uncle, Madame Tussaud was commanded to make death masks of the victims of the guillotine such as Robespierre.

Click on Waxworks and you will hear our interview with Kristen van Ginhoven.



Williams College Center 62

One of the themes of our program is that theatre can be affordable. We try to help people be aware of all the opportunities to see theatre at reasonable prices or at no cost. We interview people connected with professional theatre, but also those working at colleges and high schools. Just as we are fortunate in this area to have many outstanding professional theatres, we also have a variety of educational institutions providing theatre for the community as well as their students.

One of these resources is Williams College Center 62. Several years ago we interviewed Randal Fippinger, the Producing Director of Center 62. Besides getting a wonderful tour of the facility, we talked to him about that year’s program and its accessibility to the community, not only in Williamstown but in the surrounding area. Since then we have gone to productions at Center 62. Not only is the price remarkable at $3.00 a ticket, but the productions are intriguing and address another of our themes, which is that we are fortunate to have theatre year round in our area.

There are student productions, as well as  faculty productions and visiting productions. These performances are not only open to community members, but school groups are encouraged to attend as well. It is well worth getting on their mailing list to receive information about the productions. Besides the theatre performances, there are also dance performances that use the theatre spaces.

Besides our interview with Randal, I have included Center 62’s web site and a video of a discussion of the center by some of the theatre faculty and a student which was presented to alumni of the college in 2012.

Center 62 Web Site

Randal Fippinger Center 62 10-15-2012  Always click the url

Williams College faculty discussing Center 62