Baskerville will be playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival until July 29. Based on the novella by Arthur Conan Doyle, this is a play to delight Sherlockians and non-Sherlockians alike. Most people have seen a version of this story in film or on television.  However, this is a unique interpretation that will keep you laughing as you enjoy the remarkable actors who transform before your eyes with a switch of hats or accent. Five actors play forty roles and there is a woman playing Holmes.

We interviewed the three  actors who play a multiple of roles. Caitlin Clouthier, Raji Ahsan and Brian Owen. Listening to them talk about what is involved in doing these quick changes is enlightening. Seeing them doing it is wonderful.


Raji Ashan (Actor 2), Brian Owen (Actor 1), Liz Wisan,(Holmes) Caitlin Clouthier (Actress 1) Dave Quay (Watson)


Listen to the interview by clicking on the link below. Then click on the link to the Dorset Theatre Festival website and order your tickets.

Interview with Baskerville actors

Dorset Theatre Festival Website


The Living Room Theatre – Adam and Evie


The Living Room Theatre starts its sixth season with Adam and Evie by Charles Mee in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House in North Bennington through July 14. Seating is limited so call 802-442-5322 for pay what you will tickets to see theatrical magic.

Bob and I have been attending Living Room Theatre productions since they started literally in the living room of co-founders Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough. The productions are innovative and exciting whether of classics like Chekov or new plays like Adam and Evie. The New York cast lives with Allen and Randolyn for rehearsals and the run of the plays. This is particularly challenging when it is a cast of fourteen for a unique play such as Adam and Evie. We were delighted to talk with Allen and four of the cast members, Maddie Coyle, Matt Dallal, Rena Gavigan and  Jay Reum about the experience and the play. We were even more delighted when we saw the production. There is a fluidity within the play that enchants because the actors make the  transformations believable.

Be sure to listen to the interviews by clicking on the links below.

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 1

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 2

The Living Room Theatre Website

Hiram Delgado – The Model American

             Hiram Delgado, actor.

Bob and I saw The Model American on July 4th. Considering the subject of the play – how an immigrant makes good in the United States, it was appropriate timing. The next day we were fortunate to interview Hiram Delgado who plays the leading role. He is engaging every moment as he changes over the course of the play. It is a performance, along with the others in the fine cast, that should not be missed. The Model American runs until July 9. Click on the link for the Williamstown Theatre Festival below for tickets.  Before, or after doing that, be sure to listen to Hiram talk about his experience as a non-Equity actor in the lead in a new play that was developed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. The company is dedicated, not only to producing unique and absorbing plays, but to developing new work and new talent among actors and directors through their Professional Training Programs.

Interview with Hiram Delgado

Williamstown Theatre Festival









Moonlight and Magnolias

Gone With the Wind was one of the most important movies of its day. Based on a best selling novel, it had an outstanding cast. The search for the right actress to play Scarlett O’Hara was a major event as 1,400 women tested for the part. The picture won ten Academy Awards. The production overcame many challenges with changes in writers and directors.

This is the subject of the farce that Oldcastle Theatre Company is presenting from June 23 to July 9. With four outstanding actors, all of whom have worked at Oldcastle previously, the play promises to be a delight. Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with the  actors playing producer David Selznick, director Victor Fleming and writer Ben Hecht. Listening to what the actors  have to say will make you as eager as we are to see Moonlight and Magnolias.

Moonlight and Magnolias Interview

Oldcastle Theatre Company Website




Fresh Hell-The Life and Loves of Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker is an icon of American literature and popular culture. She was a short story writer, a screen writer, a poet and a humorist. Her witty remarks are still quoted. The Algonquin Hotel is known as the home of the Round Table where writers and critics met for long lunches from about 1919 to 1929. Besides Dorothy Parker, the regular  list of celebrities included among others humorist Robert Benchley, playwrights George S. Kaufman and Robert Sherwood,  columnists, Heywood Broun and Franklin P. Adams,  critic, Alexander Woollcott and Harold Ross, editor of The New Yorker.. They were joined by luminaries from the theatre and film worlds, as well  as journalists and other writers such as Tallulah Bankhead, Noel Coward,  and Harpo Marx to name a few.

For just four performances, Natalie Wilder, an Oldcastle favorite, will recreate Dorothy Parker and her world at Oldcastle Theatre on Friday, June 9th @ 7:30pm, Saturday, June 10th @ 2pm and 7:30pm and Sunday,
June 11th @ 2pm.

Listen to our interview with Natalie, by clicking below and then click on Oldcastle Theatre to get your tickets. A visit to the The Dorothy Parker Society will get you in the mood.

Interview with Natalie Wilder about Dorothy Parker

The Dorothy Parker Society

Oldcastle Theatre



Tom Ferguson: An Actor’s Journey

From the time Bob and I  first saw him on stage at the Dorset Players, Tom Ferguson has been one of our favorite actors.  We have also seen him at the Dorset Theatre Festival and at Oldcastle Theatre. Recently we saw him make his film debut in an independent film, Life Heist. Having seen him in a variety of character roles, we are amazed  by his versatility. Playing Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest and Fagin in Oliver in one season is an indication of his flexibility. From studying acting in college to community and professional theatre his is a journey we wanted to hear more about. Tom did not disappoint us.  Click below to hear his story.

Tom Ferguson Part 1 

Tom Ferguson Part 2

Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest
Fagin in Oliver
The Fantasticks
I Am My Own Wife










WAM Theatre is remounting Emilie, a play it first presented in 2013, with the same cast. It will be performed at Shakespeare and Company March 30 to April 9 at 7:30 pm.  Although Emilie du Chatelet was also known as Voltaire’s mistress, she was a brilliant physicist and mathematician whose commentary on Isaac Newton’s book Principia was groundbreaking as she added the concept of the law of conservation of energy. When Bob and I saw the play in its original production, we were fascinated by it.  This was another  outstanding woman of whom we knew nothing. The production and the performances were magical. We are looking forward to seeing it again. We were fortunate  to interview the two leads, Kim Stauffer and Oliver Wadsworth, about this new production. Listen to what they have to say about what it means to recreate a play they have performed previously, then be sure see the play yourselves. It is a unique theatrical experience.

Interview with Kim Stauffer and Oliver Wadsworth

WAM Theatre website


Rehearsal picture Oliver Wadsworth and Kim Stauffer

Allyn Burrows: Artistic Director Shakespeare and Company

allynmagesBob and I were delighted to talk with Allyn Burrows about his new job as Artistic Director of Shakespeare and Company. We enjoyed interviewing him this past summer when he was acting in Or, a delightful play about the playwright Aphra Behn. We also have fond memories of seeing him in the early days of Shakespeare and Company in Edith Wharton plays at the Mount as well as in Shakespeare productions. We were impressed and engaged by his performance as King John when he returned to the company after having been away for a while.

During his time away from the company, Allyn  was busy. He  acted in film and television as well as on stage where he won an Eliot Norton Award for acting in 2006.   He was Artistic Director of  the Boston-area Actors’ Shakespeare Project for seven years. This is Shakespeare and Company’s 40th season, an important landmark. Allyn shared his vision for the company as it continues its unique contribution to theatre with its  outstanding productions of Shakespeare and contemporary plays and its creative educational  and training programs.

Click below to hear the interview.

Allyn Burrows


Allyn Burrows as King John
Allyn Burrows as             King John


Allyn Burrrows in Or
                    Allyn Burrows in Or








Shakespeare and Company


Gerald Hiken

Gerald Hiken in Three Sisters circa 1959 . 

Bob met Gerald Hiken at the Fourth Street Theatre where Bob stage managed Three Sisters in which Gerry played the sisters’ brother Andre. Gerry became a friend and later so did his wife, Barbara. We always enjoyed Gerry’s performances, whether on stage, in film or on television. When he and Barbara decided to move to the West Coast, we were sorry to see them leave. Years later, when our son, Paul, was an acting student at New York University, he had the opportunity to study with Gerry. In this broadcast we had the pleasure of sharing our memories of Gerry, inspired by having seen a video Gerry had told us about in which, as an older actor, he shares his vision of the play Hamlet.

Besides the radio program which you can hear by clicking on the links below, we also have included a video of Gerry as an older actor reflecting on his life in acting and the the video of his interpretation of Hamlet.

Interview about Gerry Hiken Part I

Interview about Gerry Hiken Part II

The Bakelite Masterpiece

the-bakelite-masterpieceThe Berkshire Theatre Group and WAM Theatre have co-produced   The Bakelite Masterpiece which is playing at the Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge until October 23. This is a deeply moving  play engaging the audience’s attention completely for its seventy-five minutes running time. We interviewed the two remarkable actors who bring the characters and the situation to life, David Adkins and Corrina May. After we had seen the play. we could talk with them about how they created the reality on stage that immediately captured our emotions  and left us thinking long afterwards.

Please click on the link below to hear the interview.

Interview with David Adkins and Corinna May

Now click for:

The Berkshire Theatre Group website


The WAM website

Scan down the WAM website for a rehearsal video






David Adkins, Kristen Van Ginhoven, director and Corinna May