Private Lives

The Dorset Theatre Festival presents Noel Coward’s iconic Private Lives through July 6. Don’t miss it. Noel Coward is one of our favorite playwrights, having seen many productions of his plays and we were delighted with this production. Every aspect of it works. Listen to what we have to say about this production by clicking below

Discussion of Private Lives

Then go to the Dorset Theatre Festival web site or call 802-867-2223 for tickets

For other reviews, click below

Berkshire Theatre Critics Association



by Noël Coward, Directed by Evan Yionoulis, Scenic Design, Lee Savage, Costume Design, Katherine Ross, Lighting Design, Donald Holder, Sound Design, Jane Shaw


Rachel Pickup and Shawn Fagan

                                       Anna Cravelli , Shawn Fagan, Hudson Oz, Rachel Pickup

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