The Petrified Forest

The Berkshire Theatre Group is presenting The Petrified Forest  at the Fitzpatrick Main Stage through August 25. This is a rare opportunity to see this much acclaimed play that is probably best known as a film even though in 1935 the play was a hit on Broadway. Robert Sherwood is one of the United States’s outstanding playwrights who is not often produced now, even though he is a an important part of theatrical history. Many of his plays were transformed into films, but even those are not often seen.  This is an opportunity for an entertaining night in the theatre as well as the chance to see a landmark in play writing directed by David Auburn who is also a prize winning playwright.

Bob and I discuss the production as well as the playwright. Click below to listen to our discussion.

The Petrified Forest Discussion

Then click on The Berkshire Theatre Group for tickets and information about other events and plays.

Berkshire Theatre Group website

Click on the Berkshire Theatre Critics Association to read reviews of the play

Watch the video below of the cast talking about their characters

The Petrified Forest cast video

The 1935 stage cast and set
The Berkshire Theatre Group cast and set 2018

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