Shakespeare and Company’s production of Creditiors has just opened and runs until August 12. This play by August Strindberg is a dark comedy which speaks to the complex relationships between men and women. The play, which was first produced in 1889,  has been adapted by David Greig,  a Scottish playwright and director who has written many original plays as well as adapting a range of classics.

Strindberg considered Creditors his most mature play and accused Henrik Ibsen of plagiarising the play in his  Hedda Gabler.  Since Stringberg’s relationships with the various women in his life were complicated, the play is full of surprises. Bob and I interviewed the three cast members a week and a half before the opening while they were still in rehearsal. 

Click below to listen to their intriguing insights about the play

Interview with Creditors Cast

Then click on the video interview with the play’s director

Video interview with Director Nicole Ricciardi

After that, order tickets by clicking on the website below or call (413) 637 3353

Shakespeare and Company web site 

For reviews, click on

Berkshire Theatre Critics Association




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