The Cake

The Cake 
runs at Barrington Stage’s St Germain Theatre through July 15. This comedy provides a look at complicated relationships made more so by political positions. Debra Jo Rupp’s baker, Della, aspires to be on “The Great American Baking Show.”  When the daughter of an old friend asks her to bake a cake for her wedding, Della is delighted until she discovers that the female journalist she has been instructing about baking is the daughter’s intended..  Della is a devout Southerner who plays by the rules  she has known all her life. The play shows us what happens next.

Bob and I discuss our reactions to the play in the link below

The Cake Discussion

Click below to see Debra Jo Rupp’s opening monologue

Opening Monologue

Click Barrington Stage’s website for tickets and information about other plays

Barrington Stage website

To read reviews of The Cake, click below

Berkshire Theatre Critics Association

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