Chester Theatre Company 2018

Daniel Elihu Kramer

When you click on Chester Theatre Company’s website, you will see the following promise.  ” Big Stories. Intimate Setting.  Thought-provoking, contemporary theatre in the foothills of the Berkshires”

This is a promise they keep. We were  impressed when we discovered the theatre last season. located  in a small Massachusetts town with an excellent restaurant and a Town Hall that becomes a theatre each summer. Chester Theatre offers fine drama in a lovely setting.

We were looking forward to the coming season,  and even more so after we spoke with the company’s Artistic Director, Daniel Elihu Kramer. He not only gave us a preview of the plays, but  provided a sense of the process that goes into the unique experience which is theatre. Listening to him, you get a sense of what is special about theatre.

Daniel likes to say that the Chester Theatre is “40 minutes from everywhere.”  Even if it is a shorter or longer distance, the performances are  well worth the trip.

Click below to listen to our interview with Daniel.

Interview with Daniel Elihu Kramer

Then click on their website below

Chester Theatre Company website

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