Damn Yankees

The Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, New York is beginning its 50th year of musical theatre with an outstanding production of Damn Yankees. (May 24-June 3) This is one of those musicals where every number works; the tender love ballads, the rousing chorus numbers, are  all memorable. Before the show on opening night, we had the opportunity to talk with three of the principal  actors; Mark Hardy who plays Mr. Applegate, Corinne Tork who is Lola, and Julie Galorenzo who is Meg Boyd. We learned so much about the experience of theatre from the actors’ point of view, we felt we knew them even in this brief conversation. Then when we saw them on stage, they were totally transformed into their characters.  This is the magic of theatre.

Click below to listen to the interview.

Damn Yankees Interview

Then buy your tickets for the show below.

Mac-Haydn web site

or call the Box Office at 518-392-9292


“Heart Encore”- Chris Hendricks ( Rocky) Charlie Munday (Eddie) Megan Hasse ( Gloria Thorpe) Hale (Smokey) Nathianial Dolquist ( Veron/Mickey) Atsushi Eda (Bouley) Gabe Belyeu (Van Buren

“A Little Brains, A Little Talent”- Corinne Tork ( Lola) Mark Hardy ( Applegate) 

                                                  The Game (The Ensemble)




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