Williamstown Theatre Festival 2018

Finding out what a theatre has planned for the 2018 summer is exciting. Talking with Antonello Di Benedetto and Kate Hyde of the Williamstown Theatre Festival,  we not only learned about the range of plays and other activities the company will offer, but what goes on during the rest of the year. Antonello is  Director of Audience Engagement, Kate is Communications Manager. They work year round in Williamstown to help prepare for the many activities that take place during the summer.

The development of new plays is an important aspect of the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s work under the leadership of Mandy Greenfield, Artistic Director. This year, a play that had its premiere production at the Williamstown Theatre in 2016, Cost of Living, won the Pulitzer Prize for best drama. Antonello and Kate talk about the theatre’s development of new plays and  many other topics. Click below to listen.

Interview with Antonello Di Benedetto and Kate Hyde

          Antonello Di Benedetto
                 Kate Hyde









Williamstown Theatre Website 






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