The Berkshire Theatre Group 2018

                    The Colonial Theatre

The Berkshire Theatre Group is celebrating its 90th year, an impressive landmark. With three theatres and an additional performing space in the Garage which is part of the Colonial Theatre, there are many productions and events to look forward to seeing.

The Colonial Theatre is in PIttsfield. The Fitzpatrick and The Unicorn Theatres are in Stockbridge. All three theatres have a long and illustrious history in providing outstanding theatrical productions over the years.

                The Fitzpatrick Theatre


                   The Unicorn Theatre







Bob and I had the opportunity to talk about the range of productions in the three theatres  with Nick Paleologos, Executive Director, and Travis Daly who is directing two musicals this season.   Taking time out of their busy schedules, they  shared their excitement about the work they do at the Theatre Group. With Lion King Junior about to open, Travis gave us information about the extensive educational programs that the Berkshire Theatre Group has in the community. Nick shared information about the work of an executive director and the  upcoming theatrical season.

           Nick Paleologos
Travis Daly










Click below to listen to the interview.

Nick Paleologos and Travis Daly

Click below for the Berkshire Theatre Group website for more information and tickets.

Berkshire Theate Group

For the history and stories about the theatres, click below for their blog

Berkshire Theatre Group Blog

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