Thoughts About 2017 Season: J. Peter Bergman

As we look forward to the 2018 season, we reflect on last season.  Considering the season from Peter Bergman’s perspective always provides us with  insights into the plays and into theatre generally.  Peter probably sees as much theatre as it is possible to see.  He ranges from Massachusetts to Vermont, Connecticut and New York. He also gets to New York City once in a while to see what they have to offer. Large and small, professional and community theatres, new and classic plays are all part of his theatre experience. We benefit from his knowledge and understanding of theatre; what makes it successful and what falls short. When we  only knew Peter from his reviews, we found ourselves traveling to new and distant theatre companies based on his thoughtful, intriguing  analyse   s. Since we have been interviewing him in person, we  still do it.

Click below to listen to his summary of last season

Interview with Peter Bergman on 2017 Theatre.

Then click below to follow his reviews on Berkshire Bright Focus.

Berkshire Bright Focus

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