Williamstown Theatre Festival Apprentice Program

Besides producing a season of fine plays each summer, The Williamstown Theatre Festival has a range of other programs, many of which involve preparing the next generation of theatre professionals. Bob and I were fortunate to interview some of those involved in these programs. Because of the number of plays and interviews we do during the season, we didn’t have the opportunity to share these enlightening discussions with the theatre people of the future on our blog. We do so now.

The first interview, with Brendan George,  provides a picture of what life for an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival is like. Often after we finish an interview,  a comment is made  that  adds  to what we  already learned. In this case, Brendan provided insight into how important each person, backstage or onstage, is. In commenting on what his experience working on The Model American meant,  he explained that  he had worked on the floor for the  play. “I won’t get an award for that floor, but I know it was important for the play.”

                    Brendan George

 Interview with Apprentice Brendan George

Williamstown Theatre Festival Work and Learn Programs

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